About two years ago, my favorite hairstylist in the whole world moved to a salon where they used a haircare line called UNITE. I had never heard of the brand before, but my hair girl raved that it was the best shampoo and conditioner she had ever tried on her clients. I was a bit skeptical, because let's face it, even our trusted hair stylists want to make commision on selling products.

As soon as I smelled the shampoo, I was hooked! I love using products that make my hair smell delicious long after I get out of the shower, and this shampoo reminds me of Summertime. It's very tropical, but not too saccharin sweet. It's fruit scented for grown-ups. The conditioner carries the same notes, but is a bit different (although I can't really say what that difference is).

 I had a hard time finding UNITE in stores. Even a local beauty supply mecca that carries everything didn't carry it.  From then onward, I looked forward to going to her salon just so she could use those products. Until she quit hairdressing and became a nurse. ?????? I was so sad.

Fast forward two years later and my boyfriend's sister now does my hair. And, she happens to work in another salon that uses UNITE as their main products. Score!

I use the Volumizing shampoo and the Moisturizing conditioner. The shampoo gives my limp locks a boost without weighing them down. It isn't a heavy feeling shampoo, and neither is the conditioner. They are amazingly light, and I don't get an oily residue that some other products have left behind in my hair. All  UNITE products are "proudly free" of: sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, dea, mea, and is 100% vegan and color safe.

I always like to do research before buying a hair product, and UNITE has a great website. They even have videos explaining certain ingredients.

I will say that the shampoos and conditioners are pricey. They are comparable to Pureology, Phyto, and other brands I've splurged on over the years. But if you struggle with your hair like I do, I highly recommend it. I'll be using this for a long time to come. Oh, and this isn't sponsored or anything. I just love the way my hair has been managing ever since I bought the shampoo and conditioner again.

Have you heard of the brand before? Let me know!
I'm off to San Diego again for the weekend tomorrow after work, so I will catch up with you all next week.
♥ Noelle


  1. nope, haven't heard of this, but it sounds amazing! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. Haven't heard of this brand before but sounds like it works!

  3. Before Broadway : its the best I've ever tried!

  4. I meant from Broadway lol!

  5. I've never heard of this brand but I do love phyto hair products especially the hair cream.. I'm a cheapo I use pantene hahaha.

  6. I've been looking for sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. This is perfect! I can't wait to try this brand!

  7. Lisa: You aren't a cheapo ;)

    Alena: It's such a great line because it is free of any harsh chemicals that can ruin your hair. I hope you do try it!

  8. This brand is new to me but these do sound promising!:D

    Thanks for sharing.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. ooo that first lip color is wonderful! love love it. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  10. I would like to try Shampoo & Body Wash - Invigorating Cleanser.

    strengthing shampoo that is safe for color treated hair


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