Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, Dior Amber Diamond SkinShimmer, NYX Bronzing Stick in Tango and Highlight, Essie Nail Polish in Topless and Barefoot, and Orly Polishes in Fancy Fushia and Pixy Stix

I went on a little shopping rampage after holding myself back from buying too much makeup. I have been lusting after the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes since they were released, the color Exposed in particular. I don't own any tawny/bronze blush in my collection and since I have countless corals and pinks, I think a more natural option will be great to layer this Summer.

What's not to adore about Dior? I have never purchased Dior anything. Amber Diamond is gorgeous. It came with a lux velvety pouch that I plan on traveling with. I love this powder because it leaves behind a candlelit sheen, more of a glow really. I can't explain the texture. It looks shimmery in the pan, but it isn't shimmery on the skin. It's oddly fascinating and I recommend swiping one at Sephora the next time you can. I'm amazed by it!

I'm also excited that I finally found Essie's Topless and Barefoot. Beauty Gurus promise that this is THE PERFECT nude. I'm skeptical, but hopefully it's as pretty as it is in the bottle.

P.S. - My boyfriend and I are going to Las Vegas for my birthday in September! I know it's still a ways out, but since we are saving for more important things, we aren't planning a big vacation this year like we normally do. Instead, the Aria will be our mini vacay destination for 2011. Vegas is a wonderful birthday spot, although I've never been on my own birthday. I'm already planning my outfits. Yeah, I'm OCD like that.

Do you own any of the products I bought? Let me know! Oh and if anyone has stayed at the Aria, do tell me your experience :)


  1. Yay for a beauty haul! Love all of your buys, the polishes are so pretty. I have the blush in Exposed and I absolutely adore it. It's the perfect natural nude/pink color. I actually have loved all of the products I've tried from the Amazonian Clay line, they're all fantastic!

    I am so excited you're going to Vegas for your birthday! Gah, I have been craving Vegas so badly lately!!!!! It's just so hard to get across with country, especially with 2 toddlers. September will be gorgeous there, what a trip it will be for you! I would be planning outfits if I were you too :)

  2. The only things I have tried from Dior are the addict lipglosses and Diorskin Forever foundation, I loved both. I am very interested to try the loose diorskin powder i have heard its amazing.

  3. Andi: I know you love the blush so that's why I decided to get it! If you like it, I know I will. Yes, I'm very excited about Vegas. I can't wait!

    Jennifer: oh cool, it seems like a great high end brand. I may try more from Dior later.

  4. You'll have a blast in Vegas ~ It's the perfect "long weekend" destination. Enjoy the fun of planning ;)

    xo, tasha

  5. Natasha: Thank you! It's nice because we only live about a four hour drive away =)

  6. Yay for Vegas!:D

    Tango looks pretty, I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Marie: It's great because it reminds me of a NARS multiple! I've used it quite a bit this week and I do like it to highlight my cheekbones.


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