I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was great, I went down to San Diego again and had a really beautiful Saturday. The weather was perfect! I had lunch at an italian bistro, and later went out for drinks at a bar called El Camino.

In other news, my laptop is almost fixed. I'm so relieved because I didn't want to buy another one, at least not just yet. Hopefully I get it back within the next couple of days.

This will be a short post, but I wanted to show you some pictures that I have on my Facebook page. I used to take my camera with me everywhere I went, and now I only use it for blogging purposes. Such a shame! I need to start taking my camera along with me, because I love documenting happy moments. All of these make me smile.

I'm really looking into getting a new camera. What do you girls recommend? I want something with amazing picture quality, yet small and portable. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

~ Noelle


  1. Hey,

    I have two camera: Nikon D5100 for the good shots and then I have the Samsung Dual View camera as my portable one. I love them both!

  2. love these pictures. hope you had an amazing weekend. Stop by to see pictures from my weekend in Laguna Beach. xoxo


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  3. So fun you went to SD again...LOVE El Camino...so fun watching the planes fly overhead! And I am the SAME way...I never take pictures for FB anymore...just the blog! Oops!

  4. Violetsage: Thank you for your recs!

    Fash Boulevard: Your weekend in laguna looked gorg!

    Natasha: Yes, it is such a cool atmosphere! I actually thought of you because I remembered you went when you were in SD. My friend lives three blocks away, so I'm sure I'll be there again =)

  5. Great pictures! I love the one with the boats, so beautiful.

  6. Love SD lived there for quite some time and oh how I miss those beautiful days:)The dress your wearing in first pic is that a maxi dress looks like a great dress? Love the colors please let me know where you purchased.. thanks!

  7. Melissa: That was catalina on a beautiful day!

    Anon: Thank you =) It's actually not a maxi dress, it is super short! I bought it at Forever 21 two years ago...sorry!

    V: Thank you!

  8. Awww, you and your friends are so beautiful! I have a basic Canon Powershot, but I absolutely love it! It's no DSLR, but I like to pretend that it takes some pretty decent pictures, haha!

  9. Amy: Aww, thank you! A lot of the pictures are pretty old. I don't get to see my friends as often anymore! I've heard great things about Cannon. Thanks for the rec!

  10. gorgeous pics...the one of the sunset is incredible!!


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