It officially became Summer this week, and the hotter than hot temps in California were quick to remind me. I can't believe it's almost July! I still don't know where time goes.

To say buh-bye to Spring, here are the products that I used on a daily basis.

Palettes for easy eyeshadow on the go

Creme blush to get in the mood for Summer

New mascara must-haves that gave my lashes more volume than ever before

MAC's Perfect Topping MSF, a total steal at a CCO

Soliel Tan de Chanel creme bronzer to accentuate cheekbones

An unhealthy obsession with coral/orange nail polish

These babies all got me through Spring, and now we shall see what keeps me looking cool through Summer.
What were your go-to beauty products?
Happy Friday!


  1. I STILL want the Naked palette! Oh and I love all the coral nail polish...so so fun!

  2. Seeing this post just reminded me to pick up the Physicians Formula mascara and get the full-price rebate...I hope I love it too!

    Love the coral nailpolishes - you have such a pretty selection - I don't think I have any in that shade...yet!

    My go to products for the spring were:
    -Sally Hansen "Strobe Light" glittery topcoat over my polishes - made everything so sparkly and pretty
    -My Chanel blush in Utopia
    -Eau Savage perfume - love the clean citrusy scent

  3. You are lucky cause we haven't been getting any hot temps. It has been cloudy and muggy all these week here in SD.

  4. Natasha: Oh, you really should get it girly! It's everything you need! I could throw out all of my other makeup and just have this.

    Ella: If you do try the PF, let me know how it works for you! I also highly recommend California Coral by Essie or Cajun Shrimp by OPI - they are beautiful corals that look great no matter what. I just have far too many ;)

    Nina: Really? I was in SD last weekend and it was perfect! It's very hot in Temecula right now.

  5. O M G! hahahaha coral nail polish overload that's so funny how many coral shades you have.. what's your fav???

  6. Lisa: There are so many! I love Essie's California Coral, Peach Daquiri, and Cute as a Button, and OPI's Cajun Shrimp.

  7. I love those NYX blushes! Such beautiful colors for this time of year.

  8. your coral nailpolish collection is like my nude/pink collection---love it!

  9. I am soo obsessed with coral nail polish too :D

  10. Thank you girls! Beauty products are so fun to play with! I love all the fun, bright colors that are popular this year.

  11. Naked palette is the only eye shadow I've used since- gasp- October! I'm trying to cut back on beauty expenditures because I'm forever wondering where my $$ is going. I love living vicariously through you & all your fun stuff!

  12. great picks! I can never find the perfect coral polish for my skin tone. Kandee Johnson just did a really pretty tutorial with the Naked palette-fun!

  13. I'm STILL pushing the coral polish -- but it's even brighter now. I love Essie in Clambake!
    xo Josie

  14. I love the coral nail polishes! And those NYX cream blushes!

    Great picks!

  15. Ashley: I use it 95% of the time! Best palette ever!

    Andi: Ooo, I saw her video. Very pretty.

    Josie: I actually almost bought Clambake the other day! I need to stop with the corals though, I own enough ;)

    Sweetmouse24: Thank you =)

  16. That is a very unhealthy obsession with coral polishes :) lol

  17. The WNW palette looks gorgeous! I love cream blushes but I tend to easily overdo it ):


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