Gold is a classic metal. One that lights up the face and looks wonderful against a tan in Summertime. As a rule (albeit a loose one), I gravitate towards gold in the Spring and Summer, silver in the Fall/Winter. Of course it depends on my mood and my overall outfit for that day, but this is something I've done for years now.

It's no secret that I've been really into chunky, colorful statement jewelry (seen here, here, and my favorite here!)

I like to mix it up, and as of late I have my eyes on quite a few delicate silvery pieces instead. (I mean, how many variations of turquoise, coral, and lapis necklaces, rings, and bracelets can one have? Well many, actually! But that's beside the point.)

I already own these, which I love:

But I wouldn't mind having these pretties too:  I adore Sonya Renee.

Pearls are timeless and I love this necklace from the CurrentCustom

When it comes to Silver, Tiffany &Co. and that little blue box always comes to mind.

I fell in love with this bracelet on Veronika's blog. Pretty to wear alone or layer.

This personalized monogram pendant is very similar to the Jennifer Zuener necklaces seen on Hollywood actresses. The maker, elygoldart, can be found on Etsy.

What type of jewelry are you loving?


  1. I love everything you posted! Esp. the earrings and monogram pendant. So gorgeous! I think I just might order one!

  2. Love this post! Sometimes I think silver looks better on other people...not sure why, but I gravitate towards gold. Love how it looks with both dark and light colors. But, i have to say... those Sonya Renee pretties are gorgeous and I wouldn't mind a pair! xo, tasha

  3. Those earrings are GORGEOUS.

  4. Oh I love the first two you posted. You own the first pair, right? Where did you buy them? Are they Sonya Renee too? I was just thinking the other day that aside from my wedding set, I wear gold almost exclusively. I could use some of the beauties in my life.

  5. Love your Sonya Renee earrings...I love the Current Custom's jewelry selection...I got my Sydney Evan disc necklace from her - and have been eyeing these two necklaces for AGES:



    Other than that - I'd love to buy lots more delicate rose gold jewelry - but there's not much out there that I like at the moment.

  6. I totally know what you mean, I like to mix it up too. I really like all your pics, especially the pearl necklace, it's so classic.


  7. I love all jewelry lol! I've been into more of the "statement" look recently, but also love all things pretty and delicate!

  8. Natalie: The pendant is so pretty! I love personailzed jewelry. It would make a great gift too.

    Natasha:You have such a pretty skin tone, I see why you like gold better on yourself! If I were tan year round, I think I'd wear it more often too!

    Lindsay: Arent they?!

    Andi: Yes, they are also Sonya Renee and my boyfriend bought them from the currentcustom. They are also available on Sonya's website though. I highly recommend them! They go with everything and look like they could even be real IMO.

    Ella: Ooo, lucky girl! That disc necklace is gorgeous! I also love your picks too, everything on her site is beautiful.

    Dale: Thank you =) I think that pearl necklace is going to be mine around my birthday. A little treat to myself ;)

    Tara: Me too! I really like the Stella & Dot pieces you have been featuring on your blog!

  9. I love every single piece of jewelry you have posted.

  10. i love those cushion cut earrings! :) you must get that tiffany bracelet--it is too cute!

  11. Thank you girls =)

    I just might Veronika!

  12. omgosh those sonya renee earrings are REALLY pretty.. they look like cushion cut diamonds with a halo pave around it!! love! i think i think i overdosed on buying turquoise/coral/lapis giant statement necklaces this season.. and now i'm kinda over it. which is scary because i bought so many of them HAHAHAHA

  13. Elygoldart is no longer available on etsy
    It has been changed to egold1 as in this link


    Sincerely ELY


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