I needed a light fragrance for Summer and the boyfriend was sweet enough to get this for me:

It's a limited edition fragrance by Philosophy, sold only during Summer. Here is how it's described on Sephora:
"Inspired by the sunny, carefree spirit of summer, Philosophy's Summer Grace spray fragrance refreshes the spirit and opens the heart. Like a bottle of sunshine, this warm and bright floral fragrance was created to make a woman feel the lighthearted happiness and ease of summer."

Notes: "Blooming flowers, sun ripened fruits."

I will say that overall, I'm a big Philosophy fan. I love their message as a brand. I've tried other fragrances such as Falling in Love and Unconditional Love, both of which I really liked.

My only gripe is that the scent fades rather quickly, so you have to keep applying or at least you might be tempted to. I try to avoid that temptation, as I think people often make this mistake and over-apply. Just because you can't smell it on yourself, doesn't mean others can't ;)

This scent is perfect for Summer. It's floral, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. It settles very nicely on my skin. I actually prefer the way it develops on me over time than at first spray. It's a happy scent, and instantly puts me in a better mood.

What's your Summer fragrance?


  1. i'm really into victorias secret 'bombshell' shimmer mist. i picked it up on a whim near the checkout stand. it a mini size. of course i got the glittery version, lol.

    it smells amazing. very summery.

  2. mybeadifulllife: I've heard great things about that one, my friend loves it! I still have a VS perfume from last year called Velvet. I'm so sad they discontinued it because it truly is one of my favorites. I have a few sprays left and I just keep saving it until special events =) Thank you for your comment!

  3. Sounds really pretty! I want to get the Jo Malone Orange Blossom but it is SUPER expensive. It has the prettiest scent though...le sigh!

  4. Just Another Shopaholic: You should test it out!

    Natasha: Ooo, I think I read on Laura's blog about the Jo Malone Orange Blossom...or maybe it was a different blog. Either way, I have yet to try Jo Malone, but I know a lot of celebrities rave about the line. Sounds wonderful, but of course it HAS to be expensive ;)

  5. sounds like a nice fragrance, would u say the flowery notes are very dominating? (I'm not too big on flowery scents).

    My fave summer fragrance is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. I'm on my second bottle this year :)

  6. Shadowy Lady: Yes, I would say that the overall scent is floral. So this may not be for you! I guess when I think of super floral scents, I think of the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. This is much lighter in comparison to that. I normally am not a huge floral person either, but I really like this one. I'll have to smell the Chanel Chance Eau Tendre!

  7. Sounds just perfect for summer! I am a huge fan of Ebba scents. Miss Marissa is my fave! xo

  8. Frankie: My best friend uses that! I absolutely love that scent, so sexy in my opinion!

  9. yay, another fragrance I will have to try-thanks Noelle! I really like Eternal Grace.

  10. i tried this scent at Sephora few weeks ago and also love it. It is fresh and perfect for summer. However, i did not get it but i also highly recommended it too.


  11. I've found the Philosophy fragrances don't last that long on me either :-(

    My current summer fragrance is Jo Malone's Lime Basil and Mandarin. (just read upthread about Orange Blossom by JM - I want to try that now!)

  12. Andi: Eternal Grace is really pretty too =)

    Le N: Good, I'm happy someone on here has tried it out!

    Ella: I must go to Jo Malone the next time I visit the mall that carries it (about an hour away).

  13. mmmm this sounds so pretty and light! i need to switch up my fragrance -- my go to has been juicy couture's original scent :) i might need to check this one out it sounds too good to miss! xoxoxo


  14. Diana: I think you would like it, especially if you like Juicy!


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