I was so excited to see Rachel on the cover of InStyle's Makeover issue for Fall. I really was, I think I actually squealed when I peeked inside my mailbox. It's no secret that I love her style. Nevermind the fact that she's a brunette and pint-sized. Yes, I am biased as I love to see what fellow petite girls are wearing. A natural Commraderie I feel with my shorter than average sisters. I can't help it! Years of being mistaken for a 12 year old are to blame.

It's a great issue, and I read it cover to cover, marking pages of certain looks/trends that I want to include in my own style for Fall. One thing that I loved about Ms. Bilson's article was this little known fact: "I know this sounds terribly shallow, but I've been mapping out my outfits for the next day every day since I was little." She goes on to say, "I have a very busy mind - there's constant chitter-chatter up there - but what I'm wearing the next day? That's definitely something that's always been in my head before I go to sleep at night." I can certainly relate to this! Can you?

~ Noelle


  1. I think that you look ALOT like Rachel! Her style is gorg, especially that dress that she's wearing...I wish I had an excuse to wear something as daring as that. & I can relate to what she said as well, haha!

  2. I LOVE Rachel Bilson too...you definitely could be sisters. :) I love how she plans out her outfits...I wish I had the ability to do this more often!

  3. Love Rachel Bilson...she is gorgeous, and so, so stylish!

  4. Rachel Bilson is so gorgeous - she always looks so cute and well-groomed.

    I want to start planning my outfits the night before - I'm still organizing my closet, but once I'm done decluttering (getting rid of all the clothes that are just "meh") I'm going to pick things out the night before. I already do that for my kids - it makes sure they wear ALL their clothes (by rotating instead of picking the same outfit everyday), and no fighting in the morning.

  5. ha, I tore that pic of her in the red Chanel jacket out for my inspiration folder, love her style!

  6. Caitlin: Yes, I LOVE that dress she is wearing on the cover. So glam! I also love the way her hair is styled. I could only dream of having mine look so good ;)

    Natasha: You're so sweet! I wish!

    Tara: Her style is so unique in many ways. She wears things and mixes brands so well! I wish I could be that ingenious in my own dressing.

    Ella: Oh gosh, we definitely don't want any fighting lol! I have planned my outfits out for years now, and even though it's less time consuming in the mornings, it really does take up a lot of space in my head ;) It's like an obsession!

    Andi: I love her red jacket! That paired with skinny pants and flats? My perfect outfit!

  7. she's so beautiful!! she reminds me of you!! haha :p

  8. Gosh, I love that dress she is wearing on the cover! ...such a natural beauty. Have a great week! xo, tasha

  9. She is always looking flawless. And her cover outfit is amazing.

  10. Lisa: Thanks, sweetie!

    Gabrielle: Good to know I'm not alone!

    Natasha: I know, I want it! Such a pretty look. I still can't get over her hair though. So pretty. Have a great week too :)

    Just another shopaholic: I agree!

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  12. She looks gorgeous, I am also a huge fan of her style!

  13. Sarah: I wish I could go shopping with her, and pick her brain about certain designers!

  14. I LOVE her. She's always so pretty and put-together and chic. What a perfect choice for a cover girl!
    xo Josie

  15. I enjoyed this issue!:D

    I know majority of women can relate to that.;D

    ***** Marie *****
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