This Fall, hair is looking soft, romantic, and effortless on the runway. Here are some of my favorite looks:

loose sidebraids

clean low ponytails

undone chignons

~I'm really loving headbands~

Images courtesy of Allure.com

Inspiration: Sienna of petite voyageur

Gold double strand headband - H&M (they have silver too)

What hair trends are you trying this Fall?
♥ Noelle


  1. OO I love the double headband! So chic and sleek! Great looks for fall!

  2. I love loose sidebraids. I wish I could pull of the sleek low ponytail.

    The headband looks great on you. And I like the top you're wearing there. Can't see much of it but it looks very pretty.

  3. the sidebraids look so pretty :)

  4. Natasha: The double headbands reming me of Grecian goddesses :)

    Lilly: I think loose sidebraids are so chic! I love the way they complement the face.

    Elegant Muse: I agree!

    Jillian: Thank you :)

  5. Love the double strand headband - looks so pretty on you!

    I just cut my hair from halfway down my back to shoulder length...and now I'm looking forward to styling it more...the longer it was getting, the harder it was to style in braids and half-updos (my favourite hairstyles).

  6. I'm loving the fact that braids transitioned into fall this year. I love braiding my hair :)

  7. Love the double stranded headband-it's so romantic. These hairstyles are all so pretty and soft.

  8. These are all pretty looks and I love your headband!

  9. Thank you for the comments girls. I hope to some of you rocking some updos ;)

    Ella: Sounds so pretty! I love a good haircut. It just makes you feel like a new person doesn't it? And there's nothing better than healthy, shiny hair!

  10. I meant "I hope to see you..." in my previous comment above ;)

  11. Hi girly! I hope all is well with you. I love these hair inspirations and you look gorgeous in the double bands :) xoxo,Carolina

  12. I love soft, messy chignons for fall!
    xo Josie

  13. I love signions! So classy and easy to do! You look beautiful!

  14. this summer i've really gotten into updos (i believe the heat has had something to do with this...)

    i love all of you inspiration pics and you look darling in the headband - does it pinch your head? i always seem to have issues with that...

  15. Carolina: Thank you, I hope all is well with you too! It's so good to see you blogging again!

    Josie and Lily: I love them too, so easy to throw your hair up and go. Thank you :)

    Michelle: I'll be honest - headbands always do pinch and hurt after awhile! I think a few hours (or a couple) is all I can take. But it is worth it ;)

  16. LOVE the floral blouse

    been looking through your blog for ages.
    love it


  17. Cute hair!


  18. I like your take on the double headband. I love the second hairstyle - simple and sleek. :D

    ***** Marie *****


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