I have so many different reds in my nail polish collection, and this is probably no news to anyone. However, most of my reds lean a bit; coral-red, burgundy, merlot, fuschia-red, orange-red. I love them all, but nothing is as truly red as this:

 Essie Winter 2011 shade in Size Matters ;)
Without flash
                                                                           With flash

Isn't it such a true red? I love it because it goes opaque in one coat! I highly recommend this.

Speaking of perfect, here are two more shades for Fall:
O.P.I. "Muppets" collection in Designer...De Better! and Warm & Fozzie

♥ Noelle


  1. Wow, that does look absolutely perfect on you! Finding that perfect red for my skin tone always seems like an impossible task, lol. Love this on you!

  2. Gorgeous color! It's hard to find the perfect red (I'm still searching for one) but this one looks great on you.

  3. I love the fall hues! So pretty and fun!

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  5. I like the red. It's brilliant and so perfect for the holiday season.


  6. Thank you girls, please take a look if you see it in stores! I see it working on a variety of skin tones.

  7. Size Matters looks like an awesome red! Can never have too many of those.

    I just got Designer De Better and I am excited to wear it for my next mani.

  8. Jenn A: You gotta love the name too ;) I also am looking forward to wearing Designer De Better. I have quite a few polishes that I'm dying to wear soon! I'm sure that color will look beautiful!

  9. I love the metallic nail colors!

  10. It's like finding the perfect red lipstick...it's exciting!

  11. Marie: I do too! Great for Fall/Winter to brighten the doldrums.

    Becky: I know, it's like finding gold!


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