Some people say that part of being a beauty blogger/addict is the excitement that comes from trying new products. For me, it's easy to find something I love and then continue to repurchase. I am a creature of habit, so when I find a great item I have a tendency to go back to it time and time again. On the occasion I venture out, more often than not I am disappointed. However, I have found three products that I am loving lately, and using them on a daily basis. In fact, these products are now part of my makeup routine.

I initially learned about these face wipes from Tiffany D. You girls all know her I'm sure. She claimed that these are the wettest makeup remover towlettes she has ever tried. Sold!

The Pond's wipes were on sale at Target, so I grabbed some. She is so right about how moisturizing they are. They are dripping wet! So wet that you feel like you've just bathed after using one. I am able to remove all of my makeup, even waterproof mascara or hard to remove mascara like Benefit's They're Real! 

I really enjoy the quilted texture of each cloth. You really feel like it's removing every trace of makeup.

I will repurchase without a doubt.

I have been getting my eyebrows waxed by the same lady for a year and a half now. When I first started seeing her, our main goal was to fill in the sparse areas that had been overtweezed during my teen years. I also wanted to thicken them up, which has taken forever! My brows are still (over a year later) a work in progress, but I am very happy with them overall for the first time in my life. I love the shape of them. I get them waxed every three months, and I DO NOT TOUCH THEM AT ALL in between. I actually threw out my tweezers! She advised me to use a pencil or a powder to give the appearance of thickness, and I decided to try this on a whim:

Maybelline Define-A-Brow. I use the shade Dark Brown.

I lightly brush my brows with a spoolie. The pencil comes with a little comb on one end, but I don't find it useful. After I brush my brows with a spoolie, I use light strokes to fill in some spots where the hair is sparse. Then I comb and blend them again with the spoolie. I think the look is extremely natural.

My brows look thicker and fuller. I'm a happy gal!

With all of the dark lipsticks and stains I've been wearing this Fall, I decided to finally buy a lip liner. I never thought I needed one because my lips are naturally quite full. However, especially with the Revlon Lip Butters, I was noticing a lot of bleeding and messy smudges along my lower lip line. I needed a liner to keep it all in place. During the Sephora VIB sale, I spied this liner and was intrigued.

The unique part is that it goes on completely clear! According to TooFaced, "Borderline is a matte, colorless lip pencil designed to fill in and virtually erase vertical lip lines while it locks down your favorite lip products." Perfect! Why have I not seen more companies come out with something like this before? It's wonderful because you can use it with any and every single lip product you have. No worries about matching your lip pencil to your lipstick because it's colorless. I also agree that the tiny lines and cracks in your lips virtually disappear after using this. Brilliant!

Oh, I must mention this adorable little sample of Chanel's Beige perfume. How cute is it?! The scent is very pretty, softer than other Chanel perfumes I've tried.

Have you tried these products? What is something new to your routine that you're loving lately?

♥ Noelle


  1. You mentioned some great products! I cannot live without my Maybelline define-a-brow in medium brown..it is very natural looking and does not budge..LOVE. The colorless lip pencil is a great idea and I've seen one by Revlon and now Too Faced but no one else..how weird! I have to try the make-up remover wipes..right now I'm using baby wipes but I would love a more adult option...hahaha And the mini Chanel bottle..swoon..I must find a sample for myself...if only for being able to pull it out of my handbag to make other girls swoon! hahaha Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I got some of those pond's face wipes in my target beauty bag and forgot all about them till I seen this! I need to try them out =)

  3. Dye-A-Graham: Thank you, I'm so happy you found this useful! I am such a fan of the Define A Brow pencil. I used to assume that powders were more natural looking than pencils, but I think if you use light strokes, then a pencil is perfect. Love this product! Oh and the little baby Chanel bottle...I keep it in my purse and can't help but smile when I pull it out in public. It's so precious!

  4. Miranda: Yes, try them asap! Let me know what you think :)

  5. I always love to hear about really useful products! I am from Vienna, Austria and a lot of products are not available here (or too expensive to ship) but I found something nice as well: Do you use foundation? I was thinking a long time about getting the Matte Lumiere by Chanel but it´s pricey though. After all the good things I heard about Healthy Mix Foundation by Bourjois I gave it a try and this is really stunning. It is light and feels nice on my skin, it mattifies but still has a nice glow. It evens out any redness or imperfections and you could get 3 bottles for the price of one Chanel foundation..... so yes, that´s what I am loving lately.
    Concerning the eyebrows I love MAC´s Spiked Eyebrow Definer!

  6. I love the Ponds wipes too. Define A Lash is my favorite mascara so I've went to ULTA twice to get their pencil but they've been out of my color. Thanks for the review, you've convinced me to keep it on my list =)

  7. The Pond's towels seem like the perfect product for my bedside table - especially since you said that it makes your face feels like its washed - perfect for those times I'm to exhausted to get out of bed to wash my make-up off.

    The chanel sample is adorable!

    The latest thing I've been loving is Coastal Scent's angled liner brush - the tip is so thin and tiny - much smaller than my ELF brush - I'm really loving it for my gel liner.

  8. Wow-the invisible lip liner is such an awesome idea. I had never heard of it! Definitely adding that to my list, thanks girl! Your brows are looking spectacular!

  9. Martie: I love reading comments from girls around the world! Austria looks beautiful! I wish America carried European brands, they look so interesting in comparison to ours.

    Mrs. Williams: Let me know if you end up finding one and how you like it! I agree that they are hard to find. I got mine at CVS, and it was the last one left!

    Ella: I really do love the wipes. I used to swear by the Neutrogena wipes, mainly because I thought they were so moist. They are not compared to the Pond's. Oh, and you just reminded me that I need a new liner brush as well. The one I have is angled, but I want one that's pointed I think ;)

    Andi: Thank you! They are still on the thin side, and I just wish I could go back in time and leave them nice and thick! Now that I'm getting older, the hair doesn't grow as fast.

  10. I love the ponds towelettes and the two-faced lip liner! both fab. x

  11. i LOVE LOVE my pond's makeup remover towelette's i freaked when i first moved here.. because i couldn't find them anywhere.. and i ordered like a box of 10 from target last week!! hahaa.. i can't live without them! i will have to check out the beige chanel fragrance it sounds nice.. i love chanel but i find the other perfumes to be a bit too "strong" for everyday wear!

  12. You look beautiful! I'm going to try that brow pencil out :)

  13. I love the Pods cloths. They are amazing and leave my face soft.

  14. I love these Pond's towelettes! And they smell soooo good!

  15. i haven't yet. but i will now. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo


  16. I like the color of your nailpolish!

  17. Wow Borderline sounds perfect. I've never seen a clear lipliner before! I might have to try that one. Thanks for sharing!


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  19. oooh chamomile and white tea sounds great to me! i'm definitely going to try that! and that chanel bottle is sooo cute! :)

    p.s. i've tried define-a-brow, and i think it works really well. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  20. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments girls. I hope you check these products out if you haven't!

  21. Great products, i agree the ponds are great!! As for brows i used to have none. i d post a pic but its motifying. I used the anastasia brow grower and now i have so much brows its overwhelming when i fill them in.

  22. Thanks for the good info. MAC has an anti-feathering stick. I haven't tried it *on* the lips, though. Just around the outline of my mouth. It works well. I just bought the Too Faced lip insurance lip primer. I really like it. My lips are very chapped and peeling and the primer is doing a pretty good job despite the fact.

  23. Nina: Aw, well they look beautiful now! I think a lot of us have had eyebrow "issues" over the years.

    Gigi: Really, I had no idea MAC had a pencil like that! The Too Faced lip insurance sounds good too, I may have to try that next! Thank you for sharing :)


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