Top - ASOS (love!), Jeggings - BR, Nude pumps - Steve Madden, Necklace - J. Crew, Ring - YSL, Nails - Essie Limited Addiction, Lips - Revlon Fuschia

This is completely random, but have you seen What's Eating Gilbert Grape? I feel like it's a cult classic. A younger Johnny Depp and a much much younger Leonardo Dicaprio in their first leading roles. It always brings me to tears. Remember that scene with Gilbert and his mother towards the end of the film? "Your my knight in shimmering armor Gilbert." Gilbert corrects her and says, "It's knight in shining armor momma." She replies, "No, it's knight in shimmering armor. You shimmer and you glow."

I hope we all have a knight in shimmering armor in our lives. I know I certainly do :)

Random. I know!

So, this has nothing to do with my outfit. Except my top is super shimmery, and it almost glows in soft lighting. *Smiles and scrunches nose*

♥ Noelle


  1. Um, totally gorgeous! Such a perfect Top!

  2. Love love love the new top! Tried to find it on Asos yesterday to no avail!! :(

  3. I have not seen that movie yet. But I'd love to.

    The gold top with the dark pants look great together.


  4. Gorgeous!!

  5. Loving your sparkly top, very cute and chic. You are beautiful!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog this week, I invite you to come check it out ;)

  6. Tara: Thank you :)

    Natasha: Aww, I know it was gone so fast! I tried to link it in my last post but I couldn't find it either. There are so many gorgeous things on ASOS though!

    Girlie Blogger: Thank ya! I always resort to my skinny jeans when I'm unsure about what to wear. I don't think you can ever fail with jeans, heels, a pretty top.

    MJ @ Teaching in heels: Thanks!

    Just tututiny: Thank you, very sweet :)

    Just Another Shopaholic: Thank you sweetie

  7. thats such a pretty top! you look fantastic. Im having a holiday party and it's my excuse to wear sparkle. I love the holidays.

  8. Ah, that top is absolutely gorgeous. Love your chic and put together outfits. You look great lady :)

  9. i'm totally loving your outfit right now. especially the shimmering top! perfect for the holidays. i've never seen that movie before but it sounds really interesting.

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    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  10. Ah love the quotes! Made me smile & love the top! xoxo Shauna

  11. i absolutely LOVE this top!!!

  12. Hi! Your blog is just amazing! I am now following!!! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow me, if you like :)

  13. omgosh totally obsessed with your top!! you look SOOOO GORGEOUS hon! omgosh what's eating gilberts grapes is one of my all time favorite movies.. and have you seen benny & joon??? LOVE!!

  14. Thank you so much girls, you all make me smile :) Have a happy weekend! Oh, and see What's Eating Gilbert Grape if you haven't! It's really good IMHO.

  15. Sob sob...that's so sweet. Love the top...perfect for winter sparkle.

  16. You.Look.GORGEOUS. I am beyond in love with this top on you. It shimmers beautifully!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. Love it and your turquoise Arty ring is the perfect accessory!

  18. Love that top :)
    and I've actually never seen that movie...

  19. What's Eating Gilbert Grape is in my top 10 favorite movies! It's such a great movie! It makes me sad to think that they couldn't take their mother out of the house when she died because she was so big :(

    By the way, I love this top!

  20. Haha, you're too cute, doll. I love, LOVE that sparkly top, especially paired with your jeggings!
    xo Josie

  21. cute and festive outfit!



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