Happy 2012! How was your New Years Eve girls? Mine was phenomenal! We went to the local pub/grill that we like to frequent, and they did such an amazing job and gave wonderful service. It was a closed party with 65 guests, and the fiance and I wasted little time enjoying the food and drinks. Despite the fact that I have a sinus infection (and not a cold like I previously thought), I was still able to feel well enough to go out and put myself together. I would have preferred my hair to have been curled and my nose to have been less red, but by the time we were out and about, that didn't matter. Thank goodness for antibiotics. And concealer :)

Dress - Express (old), Blazer (unseen) - Frenchi via Nordstrom, Pumps - LOFT, Clutch - ASOS, Necklace - Kenneth Jay Lane Via Cocobella Ballerina :), Earrings - Sonya Renee, Rings - Engagement and Tiffany & Co.

I painted my nails a little bit differently then planned. I did a coat of Essie's Cocktail Bling as a base, and then two coats of OPI's Crown Me Already on top. Sparkles galore.

Yesterday, we went to Dana Point and Laguna Beach to scope out some possible wedding venues. We went to a beautiful resort in Laguna and fell in love with the view.

These were taken with my HTC, so sorry for the brightness!
We could say "I do" on this terrace. Absolutely :)

So far, the new year has been great! I have a lot I want to work on. I didn't make any resolutions, but I have some things in mind...

How is 2012 treating you today?

♥ Noelle


  1. What a beautiful and festive look on you! Happy 2012 :). Hope your sinus is getting better already.

  2. Love your dress :) Even though you say you are ill you look great! Happy New Year :) xx

  3. You look perfect Noelle! Yeah, I love concealer too. It's a life saver haha.

    I can't wait to see what you look like as a beautiful bride :)

  4. awww you look beautiful! and this post makes me so excited to be returning to Cali this weekend!!! I used to live in Dana Point and we got married at the St. Regis there! No matter where the venue if its in that area it will be gorgeous love!

  5. Happy New Year! My best friend is looking to get married in Laguna too! Such a beautiful area!! Glad you are having a great New Year so far! :)

  6. Great look! Those pumps look amazing on you!

  7. Sydney: Thank you, I'm on the track to better health today ;)

    Computergirl: Thank you!

    Becky: Yes, concealer is genius! It's why we love makeup, right?!

    Andee: Oh, I know the St. Regis! Not from personal experience, but from drooling over it online. Stunning hotel! I'm sure we're both biased, but southern California is the perfect place to get married. Besides Hawaii I think ;)

    Natasha: Laguna is gorgeous, I think any hotel/resort there has gorgeous ocean views. It's breathtaking. Congrats to your friend!

    Tara: Thanks girly! They look fabulous on you too. They are much more comfortable then I thought they would be. I guess it's the slight platform.

  8. Wow. Laguna Beach really is beautiful. You look great. Time with close friends is the best.


  9. No worries doll! You don't look sick at all! Sinus infections are the worst! Glad you were able to ring in the new year in a good way and not in bed recovering!

  10. So hot!! Love the nails and the dress! Hope you had a fab new years! xo

  11. V: Same to you!

    Girlie Blogger: Laguna is definitely beautiful, but I am biased because I think most southern Ca beaches are :) Happy new year!

    Allie: Thank you! Yes, sinus infections are so painful aren't they?! It feels like someone is stabbing you in the face...sorry if that's TMI. But I am feeling much better :)

    Nicole: Awww, thanks sweetie. Happy new year!

  12. Happy New Year, Noelle!:D You look great and I am loving your dress.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  13. You looked lovely, I love your dress and your clutch! <3 Happy 2012. :)

  14. You look amazing, with a sinus infection and all!! That venue is incredible!!!!!! I can't wait to start seeing more wedding posts :)


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