For about two years, I lusted after the GHD. The hefty price tag not so much. I've never been one to splurge on hair tools. At almost 200 dollars, there was no way I could justify it. I was content with my Chi straightener, although I was unhappy with the inconsistency in my hair. An hour after I straightened my waves, and my hair's natural curl would show, along with some frizz. I chalked it up to the weather, and just accepted the fact that my hair is fussy with a mind of its own.

Well this Christmas, my fiance ordered the GHD from Sephora. I received it in the mail a few days ago, and let me tell you: it really is worth the hype, and it really is much better than Chi. Not to dis the latter, because it isn't a bad product by any means. I just think that GHD has a leg up on its competitor and I find it more efficient for thick, unruly hair.

Here is why I love it:
* It heats up in nano seconds. You turn on the switch and a beep tells you when its ready about 10 seconds later.

* It not only straightens my waves, but it keeps them straight too. It also imparts a lot more shine, less frizz.

* It automatically turns off  and goes into sleep mode after 30 minutes if accentidentally left on. This is huge for me, because last month I came home after an entire day out and found my Chi still on. Thank God it didn't start a fire. It just turned part of my vanity an orange rust color :(

If you don't use a straightener often, then you don't really need one. However, if you use one a lot like I do, then it's worth it.

I am still keeping my old straightener for back up, but I prefer the GHD. I'm very happy with it!

Oh, and I'm also experimenting with the new hair dryer that Misikko.com kindly just sent me. Review to come!

Do you own a GHD? What are your thoughts?

♥ Noelle


  1. I agree about the right hair tools making all the difference. I recently got the Hot Tools curling iron - and it REALLY makes my curls last all day (not an hour, like the Conair/drugstore ones LOL!)

    Can't wait to see what Misikko sent you - I have the Solano one from them - it works FAST.

  2. That is such a good straightener!! I hope it works as well as I have heard!!

  3. I've had mine GHD for probably... 7 years? Seriously. I love it. When/if it ever dies I will get another.

  4. Ella: I've heard wonderful things about the Hot Tools curler! Sometimes, if you want to make life easier, you should splurge on something that really works rather then cutting corners and ending up with a disappointing product. I guess you have to weigh the pros vs. cons ;)

    Just Another Shopaholic: Yes, it's really helpful! My hair is thanking me.

  5. Amber: 7 years? That's so great! Unheard of really! I hope mine lasts that length of time too :)

    1. I know! Amazing isn't it? I've even dropped it a few times. :\

  6. Nice. the automatic turn off sounds good enough of reason to get one.


  7. I just bought the Enzo Milano curling wand and love it! It's a little pricier too but totally worth it! :)

  8. i don't really straighten my hair, but my sister does and she could seriously use a new straightener. i'll definitely tell her about this. :)

    <3, Mimi

  9. yay!! i'm glad you found a hair straightner that you love darling!! :) :)!!

  10. i have a chi and it was great for like 6 months and then it has been going downhill but this one sounds perfect! i have wavy hair too and it is always such a process straightening it all when i want it straight -- maybe when my chi dies ;)


  11. you should return yours, get the one in costco.They don't sell in costco warehouse, but they have it in the website(costco.com). same one but $109, no shipping charge

  12. when i look for GHD last year, i cannot believe costco has GHD

  13. Anonymous: I knew they had Chi, because that's where I got mine! I didn't know that Costco has GHD's too! That's awesome, I'll tell my fiance about it since it was his Christmas present to me :)

  14. oh wow, good to know! I've had my Chi for several years now and it's just OK! I typically use "3 Day Straight" by John Frieda whenever I flat iron my hair and that REALLY helps makes your hair super shiny, smooth and stick straight! xo www.casualglamorous.com

  15. I love my GHd. Had it about 4 years now, but it definitely had the most power in the first 6 months. I also highly recommend the sedu straightened, I alternate between these two. Where did you get your ghd? I usually find the best buys on folica's website.

  16. Oops just saw you got it from sephora. Definitely check out folica. If you are on their mailing list I have seen some straighteners go on sale for 50% off.

  17. Audrey: I will have to try that john frieda! My hair is so hard to manage.

    Anonymous: thank you for the tip, I didn't think to look at another website.


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