Hi everyone, happy Friday! I hope you all have wonderful things planned for the weekend. Before I start mine, I wanted to post a new monthly feature. My friend Ella asked some of her fellow bloggers to partake in a monthly question to be answered on our blogs. Of course I will answer mine right here, and also post links so you can go read what they wrote. Make sense? I know it'll be a lot of fun to participate in each month, and it will give you a chance to discover other blogs. So...the first monthly question is: What's your most sentimental jewelry item. Share the story behind it.

This was difficult for me to answer in some ways. My mother has given me Tiffany&Co jewelry for my past birthdays, and those of course mean a great deal to me. I have a beautiful opal ring from my great-great grandmother that is also sentimental, simply because it's a piece of my family's history. But, I have to be honest and say that the one piece that really means a lot to me is my engagement ring. Cue Beyonce - He liked it so much he put a ring on it :)

The story is that he and I met a long, long time ago. I was 18, he was 21. A mutual friend set us up on a blind date. I remember being terrified! I was so young, and so scared! But I opened the front door when he picked me up for our first date, and he was such a gentleman. I knew there was something special about him. Long story short, we went our separate ways for a few years (I pined away for him the whole damn time). We both needed to grow up and experience life on our own. Six years ago, he called me out of the blue and asked me if I could accompany him to a wedding reception. We have been together ever since. 

Anyway, I hope that didn't bore anyone. Listed below are some amazing girls who wrote great posts in the month of February.

What piece of jewelry is most sentimental to you?
♥ Noelle


  1. Love it! You're right- it is hard picking one item because so many pieces are sentimental. I loved reading this... So sweet how you stayed in each others minds while you were apart- it was really meant to be :-)

    1. Thank you Ella :) I'm happy we started this new monthly feature! And I'm equally happy I did it correctly ;)

  2. Aww, love it Noelle! It was meant to be :)
    I'm the same way, my ring means so much to me. We're lucky gals.

  3. What a sweet story! I love hearing how other couples get together :)

  4. ha...I loved that story! I have quite a few sentimental pieces but I would have to say that my wedding ring is at the top of the list! xo www.frankieheartsfashion.com

  5. Love this post - and the reference to Beyonce ;) xo, tasha

  6. Thank you girls. I can see that wedding rings are hot on this topic! As they should be ;)

  7. Aww that is such a cute story! I was thinking of posting my wedding rings but I was late on posting this so I thought I'd go another route. So happy to be collaborating with you!

  8. That's SUCH a sweet story, doll! I love.
    xo Josie

  9. Such a sweet story! I'd have to say my engagement ring and wedding band are my most sentimental pieces of jewelry! www.casualglamorous.com


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