After receiving my new J. Crew catalogue in the mail, I carefully flipped through each page in total admiration. I literally wanted everything! This is of course impossible. My wallet won't allow it. But I did create a little wishlist of sorts, just in case I happen to drive a full hour to the nearest store. Here's what I bookmarked:

Gorgeous blue color that would look great with denim shorts

Gets rave reviews. You can never go wrong with a basic tee - the perfect blank canvas

How cute would this be with a neutral palette?

Love this in Neon Peach, Daiquiri Ice, and Casablanca Blue. I like my shorts a little longer, so the 5" might be worth checking out. They also come in a shorter 3" inseam.

In the catalogue, a model wore it with a peach/blush tee. Such a great pop of color

I really want this!

Or, this one is pretty too

You know I love my ballet flats! I think this neutral color would go with everything!

Not that I need another beautiful handbag, but J.Crew offers gorgeous options. They are such a great combination between practical and polished.

It's safe to say I'm officially down with J. Crew. I'll do an update if I do decide to venture out and snag any of these lovelies.

Have you seen the May catalogue? What are your picks?
♥ Noelle


  1. Awesome picks! I literally drool over the JCrew catalogs when they come in the mail. Everything is always styled so perfectly!

  2. there are so many things I want from J. Crew right now!! Love everything. xo

  3. I have the Venus flytrap necklace. It is very pretty in person. Like the new look of your blog :).

  4. Gotta LOVE J.Crew! So many beautiful items, colors and details! :)

  5. I think that cardi paired WITH the neon shorts would be fantastic! I have been seeing a lot of pinks and peach hues paired with chartreuse and love it!

    1. I agree Skylette! I didn't even think about that when I posted this, but you are so right! What a cute color combo, great for Summer. Oh, I really want to to make a J. Crew trip now :)

  6. I heart J.Crew! Just did some damage there myself :) I love the green necklace and have it pinned on Pinterest-it would look great with just about anything. That blue lace top is so you. Can't wait to see what you pick up!

    1. Ooo, show us your finds Andi! I would love to see what you got :)

  7. *gasp* i want that cardigan!!! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  8. Yeah, I have a huge wishlist as well...great picks!

  9. girl i am so addicted to this store its not even funny -- they just keep making such gorgeous designs and their jewelry is so gorgeous! i splurged on the crystal flytrap necklace and i wear it with everything -- i can't wait to see what you get :))) xo


  10. adore the blue eyelet top!

  11. That eyelet top is SO cute!
    xo Josie


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