A couple of months ago, maybe even longer than that, my blogger friend Andi emailed me about her friend's new skincare line called ElevenSkin. As you know, skincare is a huge subject for me these days. I remember when I was younger, I committed cardinal sins against my precious skin. I would sleep with my makeup on, I wasn't very worried about applying suncreen, and I really didn't have much of a product routine. I just didn't care.

Fast forward to last year, when I started noticing some changes. Although I don't break out on my chin as often as I used to, there is something else to take its place - little fine lines between my eyebrows, as well as some dryness on my cheeks, underneath my eyes, and around my nose. To clarify, I do have combination skin. My t-zone still gets rather oily throughout the course of the day, but my cheeks stay dry.

I was very happy with my skincare before I started using the ElevenSkin line, but am even more thrilled with these new products. If you'd like more backstory on how and why the line was created, please visit Andi's blog post. She explains it much better than I ever could!

Anyway, onto the review and giveaway!

I was sent four products: A day cream, a night serum, an eye cream, and a cleanser

Let's start with the day cream:
It's aptly named Protect, because that is exactly what it does. It contains SPF, soaks right into the skin after application, and feels very lightweight. It does vaguely smell of sunscreen, but the scent goes away after you blend it in. I alternate between using this as my daytime moisturizer and Clinique's moisturizing gel. However, now that I'll be outdoors more often, I will use Protect full-time.

The eye cream is called Smooth. This is incredible! I've never used a thicker cream underneath my eyes before. My beloved Kiehl's is much thinner than this formula. I just love the richness. I've been using it every night and have noticed a difference in how my under eye area feels. Plus, I know this will last a long time since only a tiny amount is needed.

The Hydrate serum is hands-down my favorite product from the line, and one I will repurchase the moment it's gone! This is also incredibly rich and creamy. I apply it at night to my face and neck. It made me nervous when I first tested it because I thought it would be too oily and therefore cause breakouts. Thankfully, none of these products irritated my skin. I really have noticed a major difference with this product. My skin looks and feels so much softer and more radiant. I think I was suffering from a bit of dullness due to the dry weather, but this has infused all of that lost moisture back into my face. Love it!
By the way, this and the eye cream are virtually fragrance-free. I do detect a slight scent, but it's very light.

Last but certainly not least is Refresh. This cleanser in my opinion is extremely similar to Cetaphil, my go-to cleanser. I say this because they have that same clear liquid consistency, are great for all skin types, and feel gentle when applied. This lathers a bit better than Cetaphil, and it has more of a tea scent. I'm very happy with it and so is my fiance who I catch occasionally using it ;)

Overall, I'm very grateful that I have these products in my life! I really do love the line, and I would recommend ElevenSkin to anyone with any skin type. The products are all natural and marine derived, which means no harsh chemicals that are going to strip or damage the skin.  The line is all about hydration, and it really is the key to better looking skin.

So it's giveaway time! (This will be a four piece kit like the one I have)
All you have to do to enter is:

2) Leave me a comment that you did so with your email address in case you are the winner

This contest will run until Friday, May25th. You have a full week to enter. I will announce the winner on Monday, the 28th.

Good luck girls!
♥ Noelle


  1. Love the blog Noelle! Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    I liked ElevenSkin on Facebook.

  2. I *SO* wish I could have tested this out too! But my skin is too tempermental...the eye cream and the serum sounds amazing - and I love that the ingredients are marine-derived!

  3. I liked ElevenSkin on Facebook! All of the products sound great!


  4. I already liked ElevenSkin on Facebook a while ago. I am so bummed you can´t get the products over here :-/ Heard great stuff about it!

    Also Friday 25th is my birthday, just sayin´:))

  5. So glad it worked for you! The serum is absolutely incredible, right? I can't live without out, haha. I liked them on FB :)

  6. Oh I want to add that this giveaway is really extra special because the kit is only available for full price ($130) right now until it officially launches. So it's an amazing deal!!!

    1. That's great! What a deal. I wish I could enter to win lol ;)

  7. I have liked them on facebook for awhile...i really wanted to try them out, but was a little nervous cause my skin breaks out super easy. ssaraya0001@kctcs.edu

  8. I have liked them on facebook for a while also. I would love to try these products! thanks!
    gnabeana at gmail dot com

  9. Has anyone of you tried Dermalogica? I am on Origins for a couple of years now and I feel it´s not working anymore though I still like the products! Maybe bc I am entering the 30ies?! Who knows.

    So it´s either Eleven Skin or Dermalogica, I figured as I have to pay for the shipping to Europe it doesn´t matter anymore price-wise.

    Would be great to get your input.

    @Andi + @Noelle: I feel like I need a fine scrub/microdermabrasion once a week. Don´t you miss this here?!



    1. Hi martie!
      I have not tried dermalogica, but know a friend who swears by it! If you win, you won't have to worry about choosing;) I really love this line though, and think its worth trying. As for an exfoliant, I still use philosophy mini peel pads once a week.

  10. I like them on Facebook! Thanks


  11. I like ElevenSkin on Facebook.

  12. Great review and giveaway! I liked them on Facebook.

    Ugh I really need to start using eye cream more often! I'm starting to notice tiny lines that were never there! Boo! :D This particular eye cream looks great! :)

  13. I liked ElevenSkin on facebook. I'm also really taking an interest in my skin lately. Thanks for the chance!


  14. Hm I never heard about them but looks promising! I liked them on Facebook :]


  15. liked on fb!


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