I headed to the only Nordstrom in my area that carries Burberry cosmetics. In fact, apparently there are only 10 cities in the nation that carry them (otherwise they are available online HERE).  After reading so many wonderful things about the brand's eyeshadows, I was literally itching to give at least one a try. Of course, I can almost never buy just one of anything these days so I bought two. Oh yeah, I'm a rebel.

The packaging looks and feels extremely luxurious. Being that it is Burberry after all, I wouldn't expect anything less. Each shadow comes with a velvet pouch, a bit useless yes, but still gives the impression of high-end luxury. The little silver compacts are weighty, and have the classic Burberry plaid printed right on top.

I chose Pale Barley (left) and Porcelain (right)
Pale Barley is a golden bronze with slight hints of taupe. It looks beautiful all over the lid. Porcelain is a soft peach with hints of ivory. I don't really own any warm highlight shades, so I am excited to use this to accentuate my browbones.
I stuck my grabby little fingers in almost every single shadow that was on display. The SA didn't mind one bit. All of the shadows are just so buttery and soft. They really are worth the money.
Overall I am happy with them and even want a couple more.

Now onto an update! A few weeks back, I showed this Dior concealer that I had just purchased at Sephora. I promised I would keep you posted on what I thought of it, and the verdict is in. I love it.

I got it in the color Beige and I think it matches my skin quite well. It looks a bit orange here, but that's just the flash. In real life, the color is much more muted and natural. It is incredibly creamy and needs little effort to blend and melt right into my skin. If you have really dark circles, this coverage may be too light for you. But if you just want a little boost underneath your eyes, this product is perfect. It lasts all day and doesn't crease. I find it hydrating, which you know I crave.

My concealer routine:
1) First I apply a dot of this under each eye and pat it into my skin with my ring finger.
2) Then I use my Maybelline Age Rewind Brightener by swiping a bit on top of the Dior. This is solely for brightening purposes.
3) Then I use a little powder to set everything in place for the day (or night).

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

♥ Noelle


  1. Those Burberry shadows look so gorgeous - I've never seen any in person - but I so want to swatch them now!

    I have a similar concealer routine to yours - I use MAC Studiofix concealer, the Maybelline and then set it with powder. A lot of ppl find the MAC concealer to thick for the undereye area, but as long as I moisturize first (with the Kiehls Avocado) - it goes on smoothly and gives such THICK coverage (just the way I like it LOL!)

    1. I also use eye cream before I put on concealer, but usually just on weekends. I'm not sure why I only reserve weekends for this, but it really brightens the eyes up and makes the concealer glide on like a dream!

  2. Do you know the 10 cities they carry the Burberry in store? I live in DC. Fingers crossed....

    1. I have been trying to look that information up, but can't seem to pinpoint exactly which 10 cities carry them. I'm so sorry Shauna! I think Nordstrom.com is your best bet because you can always return them if the colors you pick don't work out. However, I think all of the shadows are beautiful and neutral, so you can't go wrong! Good luck :)

    2. No worries! I'll check and if they don't have them I'll go online. Thanks for the leg work!

  3. Ok, now I *need to try these shadows! You had me a buttery soft :) lol

  4. Oh my those look pretty! I must check out that Dior concealer.

  5. I've been meaning to try those eyeshadows! They look so pretty! I'll have to try the brightener from Maybelline. I have super dark under eye circles but I think I really need a brightener over my concealer. Thanks for the reviews!



  6. The Burberry cases are so pretty! Those are great neutrals that you picked up, gorgeous.

  7. Thank you for your comments girls :)

  8. okay, i'm gonna have to check out this concealer! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  9. Those Burberry colors are GORGEOUS! And of course I love the plaid. Brilliant.
    xo Josie


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