By now, I'm sure all of you have heard of Stella & Dot. It's a wonderful company, by women and for women. You can become a stylist and even host  trunk parties in your home, showcasing all of the beautiful gems that they have to offer. I originally read about Stella & Dot on blogs, and ever since making my first purchase, I have been obsessed. I had a very kind reader email me about becoming my stylist, and of course I was thrilled. Here are some pieces that I'm coveting:

I plan on ordering this very soon. The stone reminds me of the ocean. It's very similar to other necklaces I've seen, but much less expensive.

Great for layering, or lovely on its own

This would match my favorite bracelet

Devi Bangles (on sale!)
I really love these. They would be great for stacking

Have you purchased any pieces from Stella & Dot? I think I know the answer!

♥ Noelle


  1. The renegade pieces are my favorite!

  2. You picked great pieces! My favorite are the rose gold bangles :-)


  3. Beautiful pieces! I love the Devi bangles. They have such a great selection.

  4. LOVE all your picks! I'll take one of each please haha.
    I have two bracelets from Stella & Dot. After seeing this post I think I need more :)

  5. I'm all twitchy-palmed over the renegade bracelet. I have to get my hands on it, but I love your picks also!

    Lindsay @

  6. Loving those last bracelets!! So pretty!!

  7. those bracelets are great!love the gold ones!

  8. Such pretty pieces - I'm majorly crushing on Stella & Dot pieces too, I also LOVE their packaging and jewelry roll holder. Their rose gold selection is amazing too.

  9. I did end up ordering the serenity small pendant today - I can't wait to wear it! I think it'll look great with just a simple tee. You guys will definitely see it!

  10. That first necklace is SO pretty for summer!
    xo Josie

  11. I just ordered and received my packages from Stella & Dot and I'm loving them. Love the renegade series! I actually just did a blog post about them too :) Check it out here: http://fashionworldofanna.blogspot.com/2012/06/barn-dance-anyone.html

    - Anna

  12. I love so many of their pieces but have never ordered anything, I really should :) So in love with the Renegade pieces especially.


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