I did a post like this last year, so I wanted to keep the tradition going. Here are some of my favorite outfits from 2012. Looking back, there are definitely a few things that stick out. I loved pops of color, I used jewelry and accessories to dress up otherwise casual outfits, pleated skirts became a total obsession, and skinny jeans were (and still are) my go-to's.

It's amazing how blogging allows me to reflect on my style. I started this journey over three years ago while I was in my final year of college, and it still remains my number one love. I truly thank you for your readership and kind comments. 2013 is slated to be the most exciting (and probably stressful) year of my life. I'm marrying my best friend, we are moving into our own condo, one of my bridesmaids is giving birth to twin boys, and my best girl is also getting married. Lots of changes! One thing I won't change is this blog. Expect more outfits, more beauty products, and more superficial talk (mainly in a selfish effort to keep myself from going completely insane!)

I'm taking the rest of 2012 off, but I will be back later next week after NYE. I love you guys! See you next year :)

♥ Noelle


  1. So much gorgeousness at once! I look forward to see more in 2013, I know it will be fabulous!

  2. you have great taste Noelle! I loooove outfit #2 especially. I was glad to have discovered your blog this year. Happy New Year in advance :)

  3. Noelle - I'm so excited for you in 2013!!! So many wonderful changes :-)

    Love the outfits you picked - I was literally nodding my head in agreement as I scrolled down LOL! Will always love the look of white lace and turquoise bubble necklace...the white peplum outfit is perfection...and I adore your gold sequin skirt.

    Thanks for all the outfit inspiration and beauty tips - hugs!!!

  4. I love so many of these looks! I think the peplum with your cute flat sandals may take the cake. :)

  5. Love all these! Hope your holidays were great and Happy NYE!

  6. Loving all of your favorites Noelle! I hope you and your beau had an amazing Christmas and I can't wait to read more about all the exciting things to come in 2013! xo, tasha

  7. Love this post! Have a happy new year! And that sounds like a wonderful idea. I may take off for the rest of the year too. haha. Sounds funny. But it might get my butt in gear! haha. :) Happy new year and be safe!

  8. You had a stylish year!


  9. Love the recap, Noelle! Sounds like 2013 has a lot in store for you... very exciting!!

    xo, alison*elle

  10. What a great year of outfits! And boy you do have quite the year coming up!

    Ali of:


  11. Love all of your outfits :) 2012 was a stylish year!

  12. Great post, Noelle! I love them all, but I think my favorite is the last look with the fur and the spike necklace! A little glamour & edge creates a perfect look :)
    Hope you have a wonderful New Years and I look forward to seeing what you put out there for 2013!


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