The title of this post made me laugh out loud a little bit. Wedding dresses AND bathroom decor! Look at me, I'm all grown up aren't I?

Things have been busy busy around here. All centered around wedding planning and trying to get our condo in order. I try to remind myself on a daily basis to simply enjoy the process of it all, and not focus so much on the eventual outcome. This is proving to be a difficult task.

I finally ordered my wedding dress though, and I couldn't be more relieved! And happy! I can't say (or show) much on here because so many people I know now read my blog. I will say this: It met all of my criteria. Strapless, sweetheart neckline, and very romantic for our day on the beach.

"The dress" is somewhere amongst the swaths of chiffon and lace. You can't actually see it in this picture though, so no need to guess! Aren't they beautiful? Like delicate swans :)

My next task has been finding a little white dress to wear to my joint bachelorette party. Yup, I said joint because my best friend and I are both getting married, almost exactly one month apart! Crazy? Yes. Crazy fun.
I ordered this dress from Zara yesterday, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it actually fits. If not, I will return and keep looking. But I'll keep you guys posted. I love the jacquard fabric, and of course, the color is right.

I love the overall feminine shape. It also has little cut-outs on the sides, which vamp up the dress.

As far as home decor, I am choosing to focus on one room at a time. I decided to tackle our two bathrooms first because I figured they were the easiest!

Our guest bathroom has a beach or Hawaiian look to it.
The turquoise vase is from Target, and I can't wait to put some beautiful white flowers in it. The piece of coral is from TJ-Maxx.

Our master bathroom has shades of champagne and cream.
I love our shower curtain and soft, soft rug. Both from Target.

I loved the turquoise vase so much that I went back for the pretty champagne/blush color and it's perfect in our bathroom. Again, it screams for some gorgeous flowers! Maybe I'll get some today since it is Valentine's :)

Everything is a work in progress so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment. I'm a novice at home decor.
♥ Noelle


  1. Those vases are beautiful! I remember walking into the dress store and being so incredibly overwhelmed and the weight lifted when I finally ordered! I know it's beautiful!

  2. Aw, I remember those dress buying/fittings-so much fun! Sounds like yours will be a beauty. Love the bathroom decor ideas, we are just doing our new house up and the bathroom is BAD! DIY pronto!

    Blogging about life with two aged 2 and under at www.samandasha2.blogspot.com

  3. I love that pretty shower curtain. And your joint bachelorette party sounds like a BLAST!
    xo Josie

  4. LOVE that dress! You have to let us know what you think!

  5. You are an amazing decorator. Cannot wait to see what you find for Bachelorette Party.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  6. Wedding dress shopping was so fun! I'm happy you found your dress! I just wish I could see it! lol When's the date?

  7. Congrats on buying your wedding dress! And that LWD looks awesome, hope it fits too!


  8. So excited that you found the perfect dress!

    Am loving the peeks into your decor - the blush vase is my fave - I want one for my bedroom!

  9. Thank you girls! I'm so happy that one of the biggest parts of wedding planning is done! I love my dress too, it's perfect for the feel I'm going for, and it was right on budget. I will keep you posted on the little white dress :)

  10. the dresses are beautiful.great blog
    follow back, if you like. andy

  11. Eeek! How exciting Noelle! Can't wait to actually see you in THE dress! :) xo, tasha

  12. I love that white dress! Just an FYI if it doesn't fit, I found a similar one at American Eagle it is eyelet and has cutouts in the back as well.

    1. Really, that's great! If the Zara dress doesn't work out, I will def try the American eagle! Thank you for letting me know ;)

  13. Yay! I'm so happy for you that you found "the dress"!!!!


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