A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, right? As long as you don't go overboard, little pick-me-ups can be a perfect solution to the doldrums. I think treating yourself to a bottle of nail polish or a new lipstick can be just as satisfying (if not more) than saving money for a big item.

Pretty Spring polishes
L'oreal has a new limited edition collection, and I had to have some! I got Creme Puffs and Lacey Lilac.
I also picked up Tart Deco and Maximillion Strasse Her by Essie.
Any of these colors would be great for Easter. I have yet to actually paint my nails with them, but I plan on wearing Creme Puffs this weekend. I'll report back on the opacity, and I have high hopes for all four.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss. I've heard great reviews about these new lip butters, and seeing as I'm a sucker for both raspberries and anything rose, I decided to try it. It has a soft, fruity scent and is really moisturizing.
NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie is great! Non-sticky, very lightly scented (unlike most other NYX lip products) and smooth coverage. This shade is really natural so if you want more color, I'd go for a darker or brighter shade.
I finally plopped down for the Sephora 55 airbrush. I've been wanting this for what seems like ages, but I've never spent a lot of money on makeup brushes. I love my Sigma, Kirkland, and Eco Tools. However, I am so happy with this brush. I use it for blush, bronzer, and powder. Ultra soft and applies everything like a dream. I haven't washed it just yet, so I'm hoping the bristles flare out.  Right now they are quite tapered and I'd actually prefer a little fullness.
These delicate stone necklaces are so beautiful! I picked them up at a tiny boutique while in San Diego this past weekend and I'm just in love. Pretty layered or on their own, expect to see them appear in outfit posts very soon. I love my statement jewelry, but nothing is as sweet or as feminine as a dainty necklace around your neck.

What little pick-me-ups have you treated yourself to lately?
♥ Noelle


  1. Those are the prettiest nail polish colors!!

  2. I love that purple polish & those necklaces are so simple but so pretty. Everyone needs a little pick me up here and there...

  3. Seriously LOVE EVERYTHING my shopping twin LOL! The pendants are SO my style...I've also had the #55 brush on my wishlist forever...AND I'm obsessed with the Nivea lip butter I picked up on my US trip :-)

  4. Definitely agree, these pick-me-ups are the best! Love all the polish colours - especially Maximillion Strasse Her... I've seen swatches and it looks so pretty.

    xo, alison*elle

  5. I LOVE what a good home mani can do for the winter blues! Great colors. I haven't tried any of the pastel Loreal shades yet.


  6. Thank you girls :) I love spring nails, so refreshing after wearing dark colors all winter. Although I actually cheated a lot this past year and wore more spring and summer colors anyway!

  7. I almost bought my step mom that vase from Target! So pretty...just didn't know how I would get it to her. I love purple right now as well and those necklaces are so simple but would add great color!

  8. Retail therapy always helps :P That colour of that pink Essie polish is fabulous! Such a lovely colour to sport for Spring/Summer (which I can't wait for it to come!) xo

  9. I'm dying over those polishes! I love walking around Target beauty section or Ulta finding little pick me ups :-)


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