I went for a makeup consultation last weekend and the artist did such a beautiful job :) She came highly recommended by a good friend who also used her for her wedding. I had a few key requests in mind:
  • I want my wedding makeup to be dewy and glowy - that "lit from within" look. Of course, I don't want to shine like a disco queen but I think that natural makeup will be perfect for the beach. It will also photograph well.
  • I definitely want to play up my eyes for a slightly smokey look.
  • I want an overall natural and neutral look, but I still want to appear a bit glam. It is my wedding day after all! I want to look like my best possible self.
Here are the pictures I brought to the consultation:

I was pretty set on using a lot of my own makeup products, especially my Makeup Forever foundations and Nars Orgasm blush. However, after looking through the artist's work and just by meeting her in person, I instantly felt comfortable with letting her do her thing. She has a lot of experience and does weddings on a regular basis. She mainly works with MAC cosmetics.

I can't list all of the products she used on me, but I can let you in on some.
  •  She did airbrushing not only on the face, but also on the chest area. She also used it to contour the planes of my face. I am not sure what foundation she used, but I believe it might have been MAC face and body.
  • She lightly filled in my brows with a shadow.
  • She used colors like Espresso and Girlie on my eyes. She started light, and then allowed me to check it out in a giant mirror. She gradually went a bit darker until I was happy with the level of shadow. She also used Espresso to line them instead of black.
  • Lots of mascara and false lashes, although the lashes she used will not be the same kind as on my wedding day.
  • For lips, she lined them in Soar and then used Viva Glam 5. I'm still unsure if that's the lipstick I want to use. I'm skipping gloss because the beach will undoubtedly be windy and I don't want a sandy mess! My friend suggested using a lip stain underneath the liner and lipstick.
It was such a fun but unexpected experience because there was a bridal expo taking place and we had an audience! I was definitely shy, but everyone was so sweet and most of the girls there were also getting married and wanted to use her for the big day.

 What do you girls think? I appreciate any input!
♥ Noelle


  1. it looks amazing and you look gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! I love a natural not too done up look for the big day. I did something similiar and so glad I did. You will be a beautiful bride.


  3. AHHHH how exciting! You look SO beautiful in that pic! xo

  4. You look gorgeous in this picture Noelle!!

  5. It turned out great, Noelle! You must be getting so excited for your big day!

    xo, alison*elle

  6. I'm sooo happy you shared the details. Ever since I saw this picture on Instagram I've been dying to know what she used. Gorgeous!!


  7. This sounds like so much fun -- I'm sure you're going to look stunning on your big day!
    xo Josie

  8. You look beautiful! The airbrushing effect is interesting. I am getting married late summer and will be doing my own makeup as there aren't many makeup artists in my region :)

    I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about the wedding planning. It is a lengthy process :)

    1. It definitely IS such a process! I wish we had a wedding planner, but we are doing it all ourselves. I'm sure you will look gorgeous on your wedding day :) I think doing your own makeup is great because nobody knows what you like better then YOU!

  9. I think makeup was one of my favorite parts! Your came out perfectly!

  10. Beautiful! You are going to look gorgeous on your wedding day!


  11. Thank you so much for the comments ladies :) If I get any more information on the makeup, I will do an update.

  12. Loved the look so much! Airbrush foundation really is so amazing.

    So great that you found such a great make-up artist - you're going to look so gorgeous on your wedding day (although you always look gorgeous anyway!)

  13. How exciting! Your gonna look gorgeous no matter what makeup look you go for! :)

  14. You look gorgeous Noelle! Love those colors on you. You're going to be a beautiful bride!

  15. Gorgeous. You are going to be such a stunning bride! It sounds like you found a great makeup artist for your special day too:)

  16. You look gorgeous, Noelle - not that any of us had any doubts! ;) I think you definitely picked an amazing artist and I can't wait to see how everything comes together on your wedding day - how exciting!

  17. You're going to be one beautiful bride Noelle!

  18. That’s a great show. I am sure everyone had wonderful time. We have also bought passes for makeup expo that will be organized at corporate event venues San Francisco. I will take my cousin with me as she needs inspirational ideas for her DIY vintage wedding.


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