Maybe it's because I'm getting married in less than three months, but one thing's for sure: This Summer, I'm obsessed with white. Dresses, skirts, blazers - even my nails are donning a pearly white shade.

Photos c/o Pinterest

Are you wearing white this Summer?
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♥ Noelle


  1. I agree! Been loving some white lately. I've had a white pedi for the last week or so and love how fresh and clean it looks. Rock that white lady!


  2. I love white! It's so clean and polished.

  3. I agree -- white is so crisp and pretty especially for summer time. Been dying to try white nails too

  4. Love this white nail polish and these white skirts. Amazing. I want to wear white in the summer time but I haven`t something beautiful at the moment. I think I need to go shopping for white :)
    happy friday.
    xo, petra


  5. I love white for summer too -- it's so crisp and clean.
    xo Josie

  6. HI, I got engaged a month ago and plan to have our wedding next Sept. I have also been obsessed with white nail polishes (fav so far is OPI Funny Bunny, Check it out)and anything white to wear too.... White dresses, Skirts, pretty lace tops, Bathing suit cover ups etc. I may be able to wear white the whole week of the wedding hahahah I want a white tutu like your first image as well. Here is another Tule Skirt options if you like them too. http://space46boutique.com/
    Hope your having a great 4th Holiday!!!!


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