Before I left for my honeymoon, I showed you a few things I've picked up in anticipation of Fall. Shopping during the months of September, October, and November are my personal favorite because I just love all of the beautiful jewel tones and textures that are displayed in store windows. I collect things little by little, and instead of buying a whole new wardrobe every season, I instead get a handful of key pieces that will maximize my wardrobe and update it just so to make it feel fresh.

This year is no different than last Fall. Jewel tones, dark neutrals, leopard, and lots of texture are what I gravitate towards. Here's a closer look at what I'm still craving.

Oh you know, an LV Neverfull would be nice as well :)

 Have a great weekend!

♥ Noelle


  1. love the bags :) great set

  2. First, congratulations on your wedding. It was fun to read about your honeymoon. I hope you post more about both.

    I've recently become obsessed with silver pumps. I love the J Crew pumps you showed here.

  3. You have such classic style & great taste. Every piece here is fab!

    On the Daily Express

  4. I've been obsessed with the neverfull forever! Kinda wishing I had gotten the neverfull instead of my speedy. Also love the cute tanner crossbody and that zip up cardi from Loft <3


  5. Coach has totally revamped their line! I am liking a lot of their new (un-monogrammed) purses!

  6. Thank you ladies! I agree that coach has definitely stepped it up, and the mini tanner is so cute! I just love all of these pieces for Fall

  7. Love the list! I've been debating on the LV neverfull...keep talking myself into buying it and once I'm by the store I talked myself right out of it haha. Can't decided at all. :)


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