Express blouse (also perfect for V-Day)
Loft skirt (similar) (love this option)
J.Crew pumps (similar)
Asos clutch (obsessed with this one)
J.Crew necklace (gorgeous as well)
Heart ring (similar on Etsy)
Essie Nails in "Bahama Mama"

In anticipation of Valentine's Day on Friday, I decided to put together an outfit that would be worthy of a romantic dinner. It's fun to go all out, and it's the best time to wear red, pink, or both! I love these two colors together. I also love my V-Day inspired blouse, gold heart ring, and my sparkly J Crew necklace.

We plan on going to an Italian restaurant this Friday. I personally love Valentine's Day because it used to be our "dating" anniversary, or the first time I met my husband. Don't discount blind dates ladies! I am a living testament that they can and do work!  Now we have our wedding anniversary in September, but I'll always consider February a special time.

What are you planning on wearing? 


  1. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a double comment- sorry if it does! I don't think my first attempt went through. Anyway, this is such a pretty outfit and I always appreciate when you list your nail color. You do such a great job of making your nails an accessory with a perfect complementing color for your outfit. That's so cool that you met your husband on a blind date! :)
    On the Daily Express

    1. Thank you so much Gina! Nails have always been important to me because I grew up in a nail salon! My mom was a manicurist for a few years while I was a kid. She got me in this obsession! I think people often look at your hands, especially if you wear rings so I like to keep them polished at all times. I'm OCD about it ;)

  2. How cute that your blouse says LOVE all over it!!!


  3. How adorable is that blouse! It's perfect for Valentine's Day!

  4. I am so jealous you can wear a skirt without crazy thick tights! I love Italian food so I'm hoping for the same this weekend!

  5. Thank you ladies! I wish this blouse was still available at express but I got this one in Fall. There are so many options though. I hope you all enjoy Vday :)

  6. The print of your blouse is perfect...so festive :)

  7. You look amazing!!! Love your outfit for I find it classy and trendy. Love the shoes and clutch. Great choice indeed!


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