When I'm feeling a little confused about what to wear, I like to check Pinterest. I'm sure all of you do too! But another thing I like to do is go back to old blog posts. I think last Spring was probably my favorite season fashion-wise. I was planning my wedding and getting ready to be my best friend's maid of honor. One of my bridesmaids gave birth for the first time...to twin boys! We had just moved into this condo after living with roommates and it felt so validating to have our own little space in the world. I think I was just beginning to come into my own, and my style reflected the utter joy, excitement, and happiness I was feeling at that time. Because I still have all of these pieces in my closet, I'm going to wear them again. Perhaps as they are pictured here but maybe not. I don't want to get repetitive for you guys and have you thinking, "hey haven't I seen that exact look before?" The trials and tribulations of a blogger.

P.S. - I love my short hair, but looking at these photos makes me miss my longer locks. How easy it is to forget what a pain in the ass it was to maintain and keep looking shiny and healthy. I think I'll keep my hair short until my 30th birthday on September 12th. Then I'll grow it out just to keep things interesting!


  1. I love this idea! So fun to see your previous looks and reflect on that time in life. I like them all but the pink short combo is awesome!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. All such pretty looks, great way to get inspiration!

  3. I am feeling pretty inspired by your looks pretty lady!

  4. Who need pinterest when we can just look at this post for some Spring fashion inspiration?!


  5. Thank you so much girls! You are huge sources of inspiration too!

  6. Oh, I absolutely love the off the shoulder t-shirt with your mint shorts! Such a timeless, effortless look. You're such a beauty, Noelle!


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