Target Bikini
Target fedora, similar
Steve Madden sandals, love these!
Kate Spade bag, similar

Before I get into the awesomeness that was Memorial Day weekend, let me first preface this by admitting that photographing myself in a bathing suit scared the living daylights out of me. Yes, even with a pretty white cover-up that is only slightly sheer, I was still nervous about posting this. Even after hubby reassured me a hundred times that it was "cute" and "no big deal", I still worried. I'm type A, that's what I do. Hopefully everyone can overlook my awkward intro because I really did wear this exact look yesterday and I loved it! I spied this Old Navy bathing beauty on Instagram and literally dropped everything I was doing to go grab one for myself. I love it (and recommend it) for several reasons: It's oversized, and therefore very comfortable for the poolside or beach. It's white, although I did see it in teal as well. It has the cutest little pom poms. It also was very inexpensive :) Gotta love Old Navy. They have been killing it lately! 

Oh and the weekend was awesome as I previously stated. It was a bit gloomy in the mornings, but otherwise very pretty weather. I went to some local wineries for my friend's belated birthday celebration. I go to our wineries too often, I'm thinking people are starting to wonder. I just so happen to enjoy wine. And, hubby and I are wine club members at Miramonte, so it's very convenient (read: cheap). We also did a lot of lounging at home, followed by pool time. 

How was your weekend?


  1. just perfect hun! love that cover up!

  2. What a cute coverup! Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. That coverup is perfect and you look beautiful, Doll!


  4. I have that cover up, and I love it! Btw, you look great, no worries there.

  5. Old Navy has been killing it lately and I love that cover up! You look fabulous!

  6. Aww, no need to be nervous. You look cute and perfectly covered up. And that is a really cute, perfect summery cover up. I love when I find cute bargains like that at ON!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  7. You look like summer, and I love it!

  8. LOVE the cover-up. I was so sad when my local ON didn't have my size. And girl, you look amazing!!!

  9. okay first of all, you look FAB and secondly I think I need that cover-up!

  10. Thank you sweet ladies! The cover-up is oversized in case you are wondering because I did get a question about that on IG. For reference, I'm wearing an xs. I typically wear a small or medium in most things. I think if you're taller, you could probably get any size and it would be cute!

  11. Totally loving your beach look! That Kate Spade purse is particularly stunning!

    Rina Doria


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