I haven't shown you girls what makeup products I've been loving lately, so I thought I'd go ahead and share today. Most are new, with a good basic staple in the mix. I've been experiencing a resurgence in wanting to buy more makeup and I really think I have Instagram to blame. All of you beauty junkies are setting me back to my old ways!

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1) Make Up For Ever HD Foundation - I'm in the color soft sand, or 120. It's funny because it really took me a long time to warm up to this stuff. I bought it last year for my wedding, but my makeup artist Raeleen used a special airbrush foundation instead. But after the pressure of wedding makeup wore off, I really started enjoying this foundation and now I'm addicted. I just finished buying my third bottle! It's perfect for bloggers because it's meant for photography, so you never have to worry about the dreadful ghost look. I wear it all the time though, not just for pictures. It's sheer but buildable, and it always looks natural. Think your skin but ten times better!

2)  Benefit Lip Tint Lip Balm - I have mine in the color Posie, a candied pink (pictured is a red hue). I bought this a few weeks back on a whim while browsing. It's very similar to Fresh's lip treatment if you're familiar with that. It's buttery smooth with actual color. Sheer of course, but still noticeable on my lips. Worn here.

3) L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara - I plan on dedicating an entire post about this, but let's just say it's all I've been wearing. I normally don't have good luck with mascara. I'm loyal to Benefit They're Real and Cover Girl's Lash Blast. Sadly, I'm cheating on them with Miss Manga. If you like soft volume and lots of length, you have to try this! Psst, the bonus is that it's cheap.

4) Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Mushroom - I know many of you already swear by these liners, but do you have the shade mushroom? If not, you should try it! I love how neutral it is. Not as severe looking as black, but a little more pumped up than your basic brown or grey. I love the taupe color on my brown eyes, as it seems to bring out the gold tones in them. I think it would look beautiful (and natural) on just about anyone. It looks great with next-to-nothing makeup, but also pretty with a smokey look too.

5) M.A.C cosmetics Alluring Aquatics blush in Seduced at Sea - I hope those of you that really wanted this blush were able to get it! I'm not sure if it's even available anymore, but the link I posted should work. I honestly don't pay much attention to their collections anymore. Too hard to keep up with! This caught my eye because of the cute packaging. There, I admit it. But it really is a lovely rose bronze shade. If you want something similar, try Benefit Rockateur. I own both and they are very similar on the skin. Perfect for that Summer glow.

6) Jergens BB Body Cream - The commercial sold me. "BB Goes Body!" I know it's a lame reason to run to Target and buy a tube, but such is the life of a blogger. It happens. Good thing too, because I'm almost down to the end of it and my overall impression is that I love this stuff. The smell is pretty, which is rare for Jergens. Those self-tan creams to mind. This smells nothing like those, it's very soft and feminine. Does it perfect my skin like it claims? I really think it does! My skin definitely looks more even, and it imparts a natural looking glow as soon as it's applied. I may not like BB creams for my face (those have been a big fail for me) but I'll happily use them on my arms and legs.

7) Oribe hair products: Dry Texturizing Spray and Hair Refresher - God, where do I even begin with these? Well I'll tell you how they came to be in my possession. I'm jealous of those of you ladies who have access to blow dry bars. We have nothing like that in my town. Nothing even close, until I found Anastasia. She used to work with my sister-in-law at a salon right by my house, and now she has her own salon. She does the best blow-outs! While treating myself to one a couple months back, I discovered she also sells the highly coveted Oribe brand, and I decided to give the dry texturizing spray and the refresher a go. Well, the rest is history. These are hands-down some of the best hair care products I've tried. Volume and sexy smelling hair abound. I'm happy and husband is happy.

All of these products were used in my Pleats & Picnics post here if you want to take a look :)

Congratulations if you were able to get through this list without nodding off. Happy Friday!


  1. I need to try the makeup forever foundation, I have the high def powder and love it! Thanks for the product tips :)

  2. Thank you Brooke! I always feel like a salesperson when I do these beauty posts but I honestly love sharing what I'm buying and loving :) These are my favorite posts to write. Let me know if you try the foundation!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am always looking for something to do with my hair in the summer weather.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I always love reading what products people are using...especially mascara! I'm always on the hunt for the latest and greatest. And I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up some of the Jergens stuff on my next Target run...that sounds great for summer.
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  5. I really want to try that mascara!

  6. So many good reviews! Am seriously tempted by the Oribe spray - but have heard UK youtubers say there is a cheaper & better dupe from Charles Worthington - so may pick that up instead when we visit London. I have the Miss Manga mascara - can't wait to try it and see how it works for me since it's such a hit for you! The Benefit Lip Balm is so tempting - usually I prefer more pigmented lip colours - but there is something so fresh and pretty about these tinted lip balms & butters - I have so many faves (loving a Body Shop one right now!)

  7. I have also tried that MAC cosmetics Alluring Aquatics blush in Seduced at Sea and I so love it too. Its def perfect for Summer/Spring. I wanna try out others products listed here like the mascara.


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