I  wore this outfit on Father's Day:

Wearing: Express portofino shirt (also in blush and sleeveless versions)
Old Navy d'orsay flats (also available in other colors. I want the black!)
Kate Spade bag, similar

But does it look familiar? I first wore it around this same time last year, with a few slight variations:

J.Crew pumps, similar

Last week was a culmination of bad luck and mishaps. Let me explain. Tuesday night, Nate and I had a visitor. I usually don't mind people stopping by or staying over, but this visitor was one I am deathly afraid of. The kind that don't leave. It was a mosquito. He claimed our bedroom to be his as well, and I literally spent that whole night trying in vain to kill him while he buzzed about the room. Nate finally got to him at 6 o'clock Wednesday morning, after being awake all night long. My right arm was (and still is) covered in bites. So there was that. Then on Thursday, my car decided to shut down in the middle of the freeway. It was also in the middle of the desert, a hot 112 degrees. My battery and alternator went out. It cost us 400 dollars for me to get a tow home, not to mention a few glasses of wine and a migraine pill later. I was a wreck.  So when the weekend gleefully rolled around, I was more than ready to relax. I reached for a no-brainer outfit of classic pieces, most of which you have already seen before. Who says you can't repeat outfits? I do it all the time!

What are your go-to pieces?


  1. Oh Noelle, I'm so sorry about your bad week! Car problems are the worst and I rely on my hubby for things like that so I would have been a mess too!


  2. You can never go wrong with classics. I love both takes. So sorry about your long week! I recently got a flat tire. Car trouble is the worst! Here's to it almost being Friday! :)

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry you had to go through that! I hope it's a better weekend :-)

  4. Hopefully you have some better luck coming your way! I love your polka dots :)

  5. Oh no!! Why does bad luck always happen in streaks like that!! Hopefully things are a little better now! Yeah, when life is overly complicated I go for the classics, and my go-to is pretty much the same as yours. :) Portofino and jeans, except I'm probably in some kind of sandals or booties!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  6. Thank you girls, I'm feeling much better today!

  7. The both visions are adorable. Looks very stylish.
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  8. Oh gosh, that sounds like a pretty bad week. Hope this week was much better! Love this classic look (both ways!)
    This Ever Evolving Life

  9. Oh no, I hope next week goes better for you! The polka dot top is so pretty with that rhinestone necklace.

    The Tiny Heart
    Juicy Couture Giveaway!

  10. Thanks lovelies! Have a great weekend! Time to unwind :)

  11. Oooh the crystal necklace in the top pic is so pretty! Sorry to hear about your mishaps - the car breaking down on the freeway sounds so freaky - glad you're ok - hugs!

  12. Oh no! I hope this week is much much better for you! On a positive note, your outfit is classically fabulous! :)

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