Loving this canvas tote by the SF-based company, Amour Vert. Is that not the perfect little saying? I may be a little biased though since Paris is on my bucket list and I love being a Cali girl! I think the tote might be currently sold-out but I'll bet they'll get more in if you're interested. 

Steve Madden "Bride" sandals, old. Color Club nail polish in "Modern Pink"

Maxi dress by Loft (in petite), last worn below. 
It was so windy that we couldn't get one good single shot from this beach day. Below I'm more dressed up but that's the only difference. 

By now, you all know I'm a self-proclaimed beach bum. If I could live there, or even remotely close by, I would do so in a heartbeat. I'd even live in a shack, cuz that's about all we can afford! Unfortunately, I'm about 45 minutes away from the coastline and that often means road trips on the weekends. Even after Summer is long gone, my husband and I will bring blankets, sweaters, and usually a bottle of wine to share on the beach while the sun goes down (we have to be discreet about the wine because you aren't supposed to drink on the beach here in SoCal. Correct me if I'm wrong fellow Californians!) Any chance we get, we head for the ocean. They say that saltwater is the cure for just about any ailment, and I strongly believe that. It centers me, and allows me to feel present in my life. Most of the time I don't feel balanced, as I'm a chronic worrier and my anxiety gets the better of me. But hearing the waves and seeing how infinite the ocean is reminds me that I am here. And that I shouldn't take any minute of my life for granted.

By the way, Happy Friday! I'll make it to the coast at some point this weekend :)


  1. Well if you head to PB this weekend, maybe I'll see you there. And I think you're right about the no alcohol on the beach. I'm with you though - going to the beach just brings a special kind of connection and calmness to me. I'm planning to have quite a few more beach days before summer ends. Funny you talk about being a Cali girl in this post because I think that flower you're holding in the photo is the California state flower (Golden Poppy). How appropriate!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks Gina! The flower is actually a hibiscus, but I see the similarity! Happy Friday again ;)

    2. Okay, I fail as a florist, but it's pretty either way! :)

  2. adorable. love the "bride" sandals!

  3. I think Paris Chic/Cali Cool perfectly describes your style - because you wear a lot of dainty pieces but your outfits always look so relaxed and comfortable to wear :-)

    Reading about salt water being a cure for everything reminded me of Andi - sob sob - miss her Saltwater blog :-(

    And you're right - there is something so relaxing about being next to a body of water - since my marriage, I've always lived close to a lake or river - I feel like I need to be near water! And I think there is an actual physical reason that the sound of waves calms people down...I know I love it - and am so glad it helps you feel better!

  4. I've been totally jealous of your beach instagrams this weekend! Looks amazing. This dress worn casually is perfect too.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. Living in close proximity to the water is something I've taken for granted, but now I realize how much I value always being 5 minutes from the beach and it is not something I want to give up!

    At least you can still get there, and make a day of it. Sneaking some wine sounds like a great idea, because it's definitely not allowed in Connecticut either!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I love your dress. You look so pretty, I hope you had a great weekend.



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