My little sunglasses collection is growing. It's apparent that I favor a particular style. I tend to listen to the professionals and abide by the "rules" for my round face. I like a shape that is more square or elongated, because it makes my cheeks and chin look less round. I also love the glamorous oversize style, as they remind me of old Hollywood starlets. They all look quite similar, don't they? I also don't spend more than twenty dollars on a pair because although I am very careful with handbags and shoes, I throw sunglasses around like they are going out of style! I'm very rough with them. I like to scour places like Forever 21, the BP section of Nordstrom, and Target for fun sunnies that look designer minus the steep price tag. When I was contacted by Polette to pick out a pair from their website, I decided on trying something new (I chose the Parisienne, pictured above with the gold hardware). They remind me of Ray-Bans! I'll have to wear them soon in an outfit post. It's safe to say I'm done growing my collection, at least for awhile. Maybe I'll take the plunge one day and buy my dream pair from Tom Ford. Or...with so many affordable options...maybe not. I'd rather buy a handbag :)


  1. Oh wow, that' s a lot of sunglasses:) I have just my Ray Ban but would like to have a few more for sure.

    1. It's so funny because up until a year ago, I only had a black and a tortoise pair. Now I have 5! Not sure how that happened ;)

  2. I love your sunglasses collection and I also tend to favor the same shape. I'd love to wear Aviators or something more current/trendy, but....I just feel uncomfortable so I go back to my tried and true ones. Funny, I didn't realize your sunglasses were NOT designed because they all have that glamorous designer look.!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. I wish I could just buy any pair of sunglasses but I'm blind as a bat and need prescription sunglasses! Great collection! :)

  4. Thank you ladies! I'm telling you, sunglasses don't have to be expensive to look expensive :)


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