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I ventured into uncharted territory this weekend by wearing a maxi skirt. I can manage a maxi dress, but a maxi skirt? Well this is just risk-taking in Beautygirl24-land. I spotted this cobalt beauty while shopping for something else at Old Navy. I'm really liking the slouchy pants trend, so after seeing these on the lovely Lilly, I decided to try some for myself. I looked and looked but couldn't find them anywhere in the store. As I was about to leave empty-handed, delirious from this humidity-wave that we are having, I spotted my favorite shade of blue and was instantly drawn to it like a mirage in the desert. I was even more delighted to find out that it was on sale! After trying the skirt on, I knew it was meant to be so I forgot about the pants and went for some swaths of chiffon instead. Okay, so that's a lie, I haven't forgotten about the pants. I still want them desperately. But I figure that a long, flowy, stretchy skirt is just as good (and as comfy) as a pair of fancy pants so I'll live with this until I can get my grabby little hands on those ;) Oh, and a great big thank you to Gina for bringing the Express Barcelona cami to my attention! How can an Express addict miss such a closet staple? Hello options! Great for Summer, but I'm even more excited to layer it underneath a blazer for Fall. I'm going back for more.

Speaking of Gina, I'm linking up with her and Carylee today!


  1. Love how you styled your cami and this white and blue pairing is SO gorgeous! What a great skirt find at Old Navy. Okay, and you are definitely the poster girl for the Gorjana "Live Love Layer" philosophy. You layered that cuff so perfectly with your other delicate pieces.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks Gina :) I can't stop wearing the cuff! It's one of those pieces that goes with anything! Thanks again for hosting the link up with carylee.

  2. I kind of feel the same way about maxi skirts! I am so freaking weird about maxi skirts so I haven't really given them a fair chance!

  3. The skirt looks great on you, love the color!

  4. I officially want a cobalt maxi now!

  5. Cobalt blue is definitely your color. You look great as always. Enjoy your Monday!

  6. cobalt is your color! love this length on you!

  7. Thank you ladies! I hope this look inspires you to give a maxi skirt a try, especially at a low price! It's nice that this can be worn up higher on the waist so I don't need to hem it ;)

  8. That blue is beautiful and looks especially great with your bag! Looks like the perfect "spend the afternoon at a winery" outfit ")

  9. This blue is stunning! I hate it when I go in a store in search for something and come out empty handed. So glad the skirt saved the trip! :)

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  10. This looks so pretty on you!

  11. That skirt is gorgeous on you and love all the pretty bracelets

  12. You are so hilarious! I was laughing at your mirage desert story!
    But that skirt is definitely worth getting derailed from your shopping mission!
    You know I love me some cobalt, and that skirt is just perfection on you!
    Yay for more Barcelona camis!!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  13. That cobalt blue color is perfect! Love this look.


  14. Love the skirt. Love the color and length. Great choice indeed!


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