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J.Crew Factory necklace, love this too
Elizabeth Stone bracelet (formerly Oia Jules)

These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving. We actually didn't celebrate with family until a few days later, but it was nice to relax at home just the two of us for the first time...well ever. Since we didn't do much other then listen to music, cook for ourselves, and play with Nettie, I didn't feel like dressing up either. Honestly, I could have lounged in PJ's all day. This outfit was the next best thing. Comfortable, and most importantly, clean! I forgot to do laundry last week so I worked with what I had. I'm still enjoying my Express buys, in particular the green portofino. It's such a beautiful shade that the camera really doesn't do it justice. The next day, we went for a hike in San Diego at Torrey Pines. We deliberately went late so that we could watch the sunset overlooking the ocean. How gorgeous was it? No filter folks, just God's beauty at work. I love watching surfers. Although the water looked cold, I bet they felt blissful out there. 

~ Happy Friday ~


  1. Ahhh, gorgeous photo. My favorite scene in nature is a sunset at the beach. :) Love your Thanksgiving outfit and especially your bracelet stack! Gorgeous pieces.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Stella & Dot renegade bracelet is an all-time favorite. Have a great weekend :) xo, tasha

  3. Love the shoes :)


  4. Lovely look and bracelets! Sunsets and forests are my favorites, God is good! Rachel xo

  5. Great outfit. I love the color of the green. Your Thanksgiving sounds great. We had the morning together at home for the first time ever as well, and I loved it. Holidays can be stressful!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. Thank you ladies so much! I hope you had a beautiful weekend and are getting ready for the Holidays :)


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