Wearing //
Loft dobby trench coat (old) but super similar
Loft jeans, love these
J.Crew pumps, similar

The best part about this outfit is that it was worn and therefore photographed on Friday. Nate and I went to our favorite spot, and then had breakfast together before heading to work. That never happens! We never have weekday mornings to spend casually walking around the lake, and we are always rushing. I think we are heading in the right direction this year with being more present, slowing down to enjoy the little things, and not taking life in general so seriously. I didn't mention to you my personal goals for 2015 because hey, they're personal. And I guess somewhat boring to read too. But those are a few :)

How about this outfit though? I can't get over how ridiculously in love I still am with the coat. I wish it were still available at Loft, because it really is a stand - piece. I love that it's all I really need to look put together (even if underneath the coat, I'm not).

How was your weekend?


  1. That bag color is just perfection! I know that I have said it before but it literally goes with everything!

  2. you look great Noelle. Love the coat and am jealous that you get to wear that in winter :)

    I'm trying to slow down and enjoy little things this new year too. In my case I'm waking up way earlier to eat and chat with hubby before i take off for work. I have a toddler so when she wakes up all bets are off, lol!

  3. I don't like sharing my goals either. But I do like sharing clothes/stealing other peoples clothes and I want to steal your coat! Love it!


  4. fab coat! Love the look!


  5. PRETTY! :)


  6. My favorite coat...jealous it is warm enough to wear it where you are :)

  7. thank you ladies! I'm really looking forward to spring and summer, which I know sounds obnoxious because it's so mild here year round. But I miss going to the beach and not freezing, and I miss maxi dresses and pretty bright colors! Will May just get here? I guess that defeats my goal of staying present ;)

  8. Talking about stripes today, how perfect is this! You look gorgeous, and these jeans are so cute.


  9. The jacket is fabulous!!! I love it so much! And good for you and keeping your goals personal! Although you have definitely piqued my interest! :)

  10. I'm not buying that your outfit underneath the trench isn't just as polished as always. I've seen your "off the blog" look and even that was cute! The coat, jeans, and pink pumps are just fabulous, and so glad you got to enjoy an easy morning with Nate!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  11. Sounds like the perfect goal, and your morning sounds idyllic. Love that coat! Your pink pumps are the perfect pop of color.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. Thank you Tiffany, Rachelle, Carylee, Gina, and Amy Ann! You ladies are all so sweet :)

  13. That trench coat is my favorite! I haven't seen something similar anywhere. Love it with the pink pumps andthe neutral RM bag! You look georgeous!
    We Shop in Heels


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