Wearing //
Express sweater leggings, similar
Sole Society booties
Essie nails in "bump up the pumps"
Revlon lips in "Demure" - haven't worn nude lips in months!

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Did you watch the Super Bowl? We aren't big football fans around here (don't hate me) but we did manage to catch bits and parts. I've still been under the weather, so I was happy to make it out of the house to go to a gathering on Saturday. My best friend loves kimonos, so this look is entirely inspired by her style. She wore them a lot on our trip to Hawaii, and I admired the way the chiffon flowed as she walked. While I was browsing my favorite store the other day deciding on what my Spring purchases might look like, I found this black floral number on a mannequin. It was styled with a barcelona cami and jeans, which made me even more excited because I already have those in my closet. I was unsure about how to make it work for my body, but I guess a giant scarf look-alike is pretty easy for everyone to wear. I think it'll transition nicely into Summer, whether it be with shorts or over a bathing suit by the pool. Versatility is key!

Linking up for manic Monday with my favorite ladies, Carylee and Gina.


  1. You rocked this kimono!

  2. Ahhh....I love this. And not just because it's head-to-toe Express (although I love that too!). I just love the flowy vibe of the kimono with the sleek & chic black base of the outfit. And the cognac booties were a great choice, too. Perfectly styled, Noelle!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Sorry you have been sick Noelle, hope it passes it soon. I've been sick for a month now it seems and the extreme cold phase we're going though (it's been -25 or lower since last week of December) is not helping.

    I like how you styled your kimono and I love the idea of kimonos generally. I have never been able to pull one off :( I think it's because I can't think of other ways to wear it besides jeans and I can't dress casually for work. Do you think it would work belted over a dress? or would that be an overkill?

    1. Yes, this would look adorable belted over a dress! In fact, I saw similar styling on Pinterest the other day! I definitely think this could work, as long as the rest of your pieces are tailored and you wear pumps or dressier shoes. This style is very loose, so I think keeping the rest of the outfit more streamlined is key if you want to look more polished and less like a bohemian flower child ;) Thank you for your question!

  4. Ok now I break out my kimono, you look so cute and this flowy kimono is perfect. Hope you heal soon xoxo.


  5. Thank you ladies! It's a new look for me too. The comfort factor is great though! I just got it so get it while it's available ;)

  6. Your kimono is so pretty, such a gorgeous print!

  7. Such an easy, breezy look! Yes, we watched the Super Bowl but we were indifferent about the victor. We still can't get over that last SeaHawks play though! What the H were they thinking?!?!



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