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Nordstrom B.P. jacket (old) but similar here
Nordstrom boots (old) but love these

This was my first time pulling out tall boots ALL SEASON. Crazy, right? I've had these for a few years now, but you'd never know it because I rarely get the chance to wear them. I have to admit though, I'm not really a boot girl. I much prefer pumps or flats. I think it has something to do with feeling too covered up on the bottom, and sometimes I find that they aren't the most flattering on my body. It's probably all in my silly head, like most insecurities that women have. This style is also a bit slouchy, and I wish they were more structured and stiff for that leg-lengthening look. The utility jacket however is an old gem that I need to wear more often. I love it! It's the perfect color, and all of the pockets make for practicality. I know this trend is going to be huge for Spring, so I've been pinning looks featuring similar jackets like crazy. This is one "trend" I can get behind.

How was your weekend? Mine was great! We went camping in the desert, and it was nothing but wind, gorgeous scenery, and casual vibes all around. We are so lucky that we can borrow Nate's parents trailer to camp out in luxury.

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  1. OH my gosh that is so crazy that you haven't had to break out the boots!

  2. Love your jacket! And I hear you on tall boots. Just this year I got rid of about 4 pairs (only kept two) because I just don't feel like they are the most flattering on me. They make me feel like my legs look really short and that's not my favorite. Plus..we just don't need them that much here. Glad you had a peaceful and relaxing weekend!!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Your weekend sounds amazing mine was so hectic, I love your jacket and the color of your boots are perfect.


  4. So crazy that this is the first time this season! I live for boots. They are literally my favorite foot wear, although I do tend toward booties. You look great in them!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  5. Oh, would love to see photos from your weekend! Sounds amazing! Denver was fun but boy I cannot drink like I'm 20 any more! :)
    And my jaw dropped when you said this is your first time wearing tall boots!!!!! Ha! I love this combo though - the jacket is fantastic!
    Carylee | more pieces of me

  6. You ladies must think I'm crazy regarding the boots! I think aside from Gina, you are all living in parts pf the country that have actual Winter weather! Boots in California aren't always necessary, although they are really popular. I just happen to prefer other shoe options, unless it's raining outside. Even then, I'll opt for flats if I'm just going from my car to my house or the office!

  7. Ah you're so fortunate with Cali weather. And this is the type of boot outfits I like...I get tired quick of heavy coats and a million layers lol. That utility jacket is amazing!
    Camping? Jealous. I'm still hiding indoors from this cold weather lol

  8. I don't blame you for not going for the tall boots very much - I mean look a the sun shinning, green grass and palm trees in your photo...I wouldn't go for the tall boot much either :-) Great jacket - I just adore anything olive right now! Camping in the desert sounds fun!!! Here in Colorado we're always in the mountains for camping, so the desert sounds like a fun change (and warm)!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  9. Crazy this is your first time pulling out boots for the season - I just want to put mine away! ;)

  10. OMG!!! Those boots are sooo pretty. Love the way you paired it with your jacket. Simply stunning!!!

  11. I think it's definitely in your head because these boots look great on you! I only wore my OTK boots twice this year. And I have several other tall boots that stayed in the back of my closet...this winter was so warm!


  12. Your weekend sounds amazing - must be so much fun to camp in a trailer and see such beautiful scenery!!!


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