Wearing //
Express necklace,  recent (check stores)
Steve Madden sandals (old) but love these
Beauty //
Lips in Lancome Shine Lover in 340 (love)
Finger nails in Chanel "May"
Toes in O.P.I "Lincoln Park at Midnight"

Nate and I accomplished three things last weekend: We went for a hike, we finally did our taxes, and we had our first real beach trip of the year. To say the weather was gorgeous would be an understatement! I knew the water would be cold so I didn't wear my bathing suit, but I did manage to get a little color on my skin after these pictures were taken. I love wearing a soft, flowy maxi dress to the beach when I know I'm not going to jump in the water. It looks put together and polished, but still casual enough to take a stroll along the shore. I just held the bottom up while I trudged through the sand. It actually reminded me of our wedding day when I did the same thing with my gown! Not pictured was my trusty fedora. I got one at Target a few weeks ago and it's perfect for keeping my freshly colored locks under cover. I feel silly in hats, which is why I never photograph with one on but I do wear them whenever I'm outdoors for a long period of time. Sun protection is a must! A fun tote and bright pink lips are also must-haves for me at the beach.

What are your beach must-haves?

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P.S. - A giant hug and kiss to those that took time out of their day to leave such beautiful, supportive comments on my last post. Most of them actually made me tear up because, well, I'm a nut case ;) But seriously, thank you all so much. I love you guys. 


  1. Well damn you adulted hard! Yay for getting taxes done and it sounds like it went flawlessly!
    The Adored Life

    1. LOL, I did! It's not fun being an adult though. As evidenced by waiting until the last minute to file my taxes. At least I made the deadline! I think I still have a bit of college procrastination left in me ;)

  2. First, that maxi dress is gorgeous. I'm not a dress person but I would honestly get that (and wear it to the beach!) if it were a shorter length. Second, I'm in love with that gorgeous pink lip color. I don't feel like these pics do it the same justice as your selfie did on Instagram. Finally, I hope you'll open up any time you need a little extra support because we are happy to give it!!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. So pretty, love the print of your dress!

  4. Gina is right about everything, I love that maxi and I'm not even a long dress girl. You look gorgeous :)


  5. Look how cute you are! Love the color of the maxi - and you added such perfect touches with the jacket and sandals. Adore the saying on the bag too!! Jealous you all can just head to the beach when you want - not so easy in landlocked Colorado :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  6. That dress is beautiful on you & I love the necklace. I've been looking for a neutral druzy stone and this one is perfect. Sounds like a fun weekend (minus the dreaded taxes).

  7. Love this look. So perfect for the beach. Your weekend sound perfect. I hope you have a repeat this weekend. So glad we are blog friends. You're the best. :)

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. Thank you all so much :) The dress is recent in case anyone is interested, I think it comes in black too. I want more maxis, but in colorful prints!

  9. Love the look - especially those sandals and that cute pedicure...which reminds me, I need to paint my toenails now that the weather is getting warmer LOL!

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you Zeba! They are starting to chip though, so I plan on getting another pedicure soon just in time for my friend's wedding :) It's the one thing I do once per month to treat myself.

  10. That maxi dress is heaven sent! Ugh for taxes - we just did ours and while we get a small refund from Federal, we have to pay a hefty chunk to state. Sometimes being an adult really stinks!



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