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After seeing so many of my favorite ladies wearing their white jeans beautifully, I decided to give them a whirl. I've never worn them. I've adhered to the rule that if you're pear-shaped, you should stick to dark washed jeans for the ultimate flattering effect. So, I've religiously followed this for ages. I love jeans, but they can sometimes feel constricting and when worn in a bright shade of white, that can definitely add some extra fear of looking, well...not so svelte. Who wants lumps and bumps? Not I. However, in my quest to get over myself and my insecurities, I've decided to wear white jeans. They are the curvy skinny version from LOFT, and they are nice and roomy in the bum, hips, and thighs while still being form fitting in the waist and legs. I do wish they didn't bunch up so much at the ankles. I went up a size in hopes of curtailing that and they were too loose, so I went with my usual 28 petite. I love that white is such a trend right now. You can pair anything with it, and it's great for Spring and Summer.

Speaking of which, look at how dry the grass is?! This California drought is in high gear, and it's zapping the life out of all of our beautiful nature. I'm praying we get more rain soon. Fingers crossed.


  1. Love how you styled your white jeans with that gorgeous cardigan. I love go fresh white jeans look... But they definitely get chosen much less than my darker denim. Am now inspired to get them out again!

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  2. You already know I love this outfit. :) I am so glad you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone on this one because I think you are going to love having these jeans and seeing how many pieces you already own will go with them and give you a ton of new outfit options. And if you don't like the length, I have always had great luck getting jeans hemmed at any old dry cleaner. Hemming is pretty simple and affordable- it's not a risky alteration. Although a lot of times I just do the budget method and cuff my jeans to adjust the length. :)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. They look great on you, Noelle. I used to be afraid of white jeans too (mainly because of fear of spilling stuff on them), but there's no denying they go with tons and look so fresh for spring/summer.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. You look amazing! So glad you got over your insecurities and tried these because they are fab on you! Speaking of insecurities, I feel the same way about them. It's it funny how old issues die hard? I just ordered a pair because I love hoe everyone is styling them. I've been holding off because I feel the same way you do. We'll see...

    Amy Ann
    Now blogging at my new site Straight A Style

  5. for the longest I felt that way about white jeans then I was like the hell and now I have 2 pairs. You look gorgeous lady.


  6. Thank you ladies! I'm glad I'm not the only one with reservations about white pants! I fear spilling on mine too. I love white but you have to be careful when wearing it ;)

  7. I just bought a pair of white shorts and felt wild! lol I never thought I buy white bottoms but so glad I did and now want white pants. These look great on you and I can't wait to see how else you style them!

  8. so glad you went for the white denim. they look so fresh! =) Ironically, I still have to find a nice pair for myself as well! I've been on the search FOREVER. haha.
    Yes, the CA drought is so bad. Definitely crossing fingers for more rain and loads of it!!


  9. Done -- You just persuaded me to purchase a pair of white skinnies I've been eying the last could of days at Old Navy. LOVE white for all this warm weather ahead! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    xo, tasha
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