One of the most notable trends of this Summer has been "the lace-up flat". I first noticed them on my favorite blogger, and then I continued to see them day after day on Instagram bloggers. Because I love wearing flats, I wanted in on this one. I live in flats during the week. They are comfortable and polished, and I don't have to worry about hobbling about from meeting to meeting in heels. But, are these lace-up flats just as effortless and comfortable as the norm? Are they worth the money? A little review for your consideration:

  • To my surprise, these TopShop flats ARE just as comfortable as the others I own in my closet. They feel a bit loose upon first step, but once I tighten the laces, they are pretty damn perfect. They mold to my feet very well, and are supple and soft. For reference, I am 5'2, have narrow feet, and go between a 6.5 and 7 in shoes. These are only available in whole sizes, so I went with the larger size. I thought they would be too big, but they are actually roomy enough without my feet slipping.
  • I will say that the laces ARE a bit of a pain to keep fastened. You have the versatility of being able to lace them both in the front of your ankle or the back, and I have seen them worn on others both ways. I prefer to tie them in a bow in the back, but that's just me. They look equally pretty and dainty tied around the front. After walking in them for any length of time, the laces begin to come undone for me. I do have ridiculously small ankles and maybe that plays a role, but this annoyance doesn't deter my purchase and overall recommendation for them. This may for some of you though. 
  • I've worn them twice with jeans, and have yet to try them with a dress. That's the next step! 
  • Although I would recommend them if this is a look you enjoy, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on them. Mine were only $50, so I didn't feel leery about being too spendy on a trendy shoe.  

More options here and here

So class, any other questions?


  1. Thank you for this review Noelle, I was waiting for it :)

    I agree that one shouldn't spend a whole lot on trendy items. The price for these is just right though...I'm trying to get into flats this year, they look professional. I wear heels to work 99% of the time and most of my time is spent in meetings. It would be good to get a break from the heels.

  2. Love the review...you're making me want a pair....who doesn't want a dainty shoe! Am hoping other retailers sell comfy and affordable versions too!

  3. Love your detailed review and am so glad you are happy with your purchase. I love the look of these and I am excited to see how you style these in outfits!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. the cutest, aren' t they?

  5. I've always been crazy for lace-ups so I'm happy they are having a moment so that I can have options.


  6. Wonderful review! I just got these same shoes in the mail yesterday. Originally I was nervous they would look and feel cheap but they don't! I love them :)

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  7. I'm so happy you loved my review ladies! Truth be told, I used to review products all of the time and I want to get back to doing them. I hope this was helpful!

  8. Hey Noelle! I've been following your love for these lace-ups on Instagram and I'm tempted to purchase as well. Curious to know if they come in any lighter colors... I've only seen black.

    Have a great holiday weekend :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

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