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Express dress, gorgeous option
Vince Camuto pumps, similar
Delezhen necklace
Express ring
Beauty //
Nails by Essie in Frock n Roll
Lips in Sorbet c/o Glo Minerals 
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Everywhere I look, green is making the scene. Ranging from olive, to teal, to dark emerald, it appears to be the latest "It" shade. I have to agree that it's a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe because it looks so chic. Aside from the usual jewel tones and dark neutrals that we all love in Fall and Winter, consider adding it to your essentials. I think it looks flattering on all skin tones, and brings a certain richness when paired with bronze, camel, and grey. I also love pairing green with leopard. I'm continuing to slowly incorporate Fall colors into my daily looks despite the California weather. I have to get my kicks somewhere, right?

If there's one thing you all need to own from this post though, it's my nail polish from Essie's Fall collection in Frock n Roll. Trust me, you will love it! Expect to see it on my fingers a ton!

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  1. I love this rich green for fall. Glad we have all recovered from the 90's with that color. ;)


  2. I am loving greens lately! great look!

  3. Love your green. I agree, totally an in shade for this season. Your nails and jewelry are on point as always!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Love your white dress - it's so summery but looks great paired with the sweater for cooler weather. I know what you mean about green for Fall...I'm seeing Olive EVERYWHERE - which is why I picked up a Olive Portofino as soon as I found one ;-)

  5. You look so cute and girly, I adore that little dress and love the dark mani.


  6. This shade of green is one of my favorites! I also have to say the color looks fab on you!!

  7. Thank you so much ladies! This cardigan from Loft is perfect for a light layer. I have it in grey too and have contemplated the burgundy as well ;)

  8. Love that you are still wearing white, but pairing it will fall shades. So pretty!

  9. Love this summer/fall fusion outfit, and it speaks perfectly to our weather! (Technically fall, feels like summer!) And I agree with you about it green! I really love it and think it flatters almost everyone but I don't wear it enough! Okay, except olive green which I'm probably wearing too much!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

  10. I love the color green, but I don't think I own anything that shade! I must change that asap!

  11. Such a cute outfit! Love the purse, especially.

  12. Thank you ladies! I hope to see you all in green, whether it's olive or emerald :) It's such a universal color, I really believe that. It's almost a neutral itself!


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