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I apologize for being MIA lately! But should I? I remember reading a post that a fellow blogger wrote a few years ago. Her belief was (and possibly still is) that it's silly to feel guilty about being busy with other things in life. She wrote something to the effect about readers understanding when things get too hectic, and she would rather have quality posts that she genuinely feels good about than mediocre content every single day. I don't really know if anything I post is that spectacular, but I do agree that I like my hobby like I like my handbags - quality over quantity. Sometimes I think we fear that if we don't blog often enough, that it will go by the wayside and that readers will become uninterested and disappear. I personally don't feel that way. I'm pretty loyal to the ladies I love to follow, and I try my best to stay connected through Instagram and Snapchat if I can't post.

Anyway, part of the reason why I only posted once last week was because it was my birthday on the 12th and it threw me off schedule. I did document a couple of my birthday looks, and this is obviously one of them. I thought a little day dress and flats would be perfect for wine tasting. It's a dress from Express that I got before the labor day sale, which was a total impulse on my part. I needed instant gratification, and I also wasn't sure if there would even be a sale so I just grabbed it. I love the long sleeves! I feel like it's nearly impossible to find. Nate said I looked like the first lady in it, and my other friend said I dress like an old woman. Okay boys, I can appreciate the snark on my thirty-first. My second birthday look is coming up on Thursday, and it's my favorite of the two. Stay tuned!


  1. Happy belated birthday!!! Thanks for writing that part about blogging, I like that advice and it's a good thing to try and remember. And I did actually stop and drop my jaw at the 'you dress like an old woman' comment. Maybe he's seen a lot of spectacularly stylish and classic old women? lol

  2. We are birthday twins! Happy belated, Noelle!

  3. Happy belated birthday Noelle. Hope you had an amazing one and a great year ahead. You wear deep shades very well, I think you are my season colour twin (winter). I'm also wearing Chanel Graphite today, still one of my faves :)

    Don't feel guilty about being MIA. I personally prefer quality posts when bloggers are into it than frequent ones that are half-hearted :)

  4. Whhhaaaat!!?? You don't look like an old woman! You look pretty and that's a perfect dress for wine tasting! And thanks for reminding me that I can dust off Graphite for fall! Haven't worn that in ages! Can't wait to see the second birthday look!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

  5. Happy happy birthday!! I think you looked great on your bday!

  6. Can't wait to see the second and you look gorgeous Noelle. I kinda can't wait to celebrate my 31 I hope it will be as fun as my 30th.


  7. I'm glad you took some time to enjoy your birthday and your people! That is important. It looked like you had a wonderful birthday. I love this look on you. That dress is so pretty.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. Happy birthday! This dress is so flattering on you, both style and color. I used to blog (not about fashion, just about my life with 3 kids) and it was a way to document everyday life for me at the time. It did get to be too much though and I've all but abandoned the blog. Maybe I'll pick it back up someday, but I'm sure no one would read it now anyway, lol! I've also found that IG can be a particularly fickle place. I'm not posting as much there either, and have lost tons of followers. It's hard to find a balance.

    1. I didn't know you had a blog! Gosh it must be so difficult to navigate social media schedules with having three children! I don't have children yet so I can only imagine! I think it's bizarre when people unfollow on IG. I did two loop giveaways months ago and my numbers dropped immediately after. So I don't plan on doing them anymore. But I think people who truly support you understand that you are busy and we are only human! It's important to have a life outside of it all. Some get too caught up in it!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes and sweet comments! You ladies are the best, and I mean that :)

  10. Happy Birthday! I love this color and style on you - and paired with the leopard heels...so perfect! I totally agree about quantity over quality...sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed when I chat with other bloggers who have posting schedules and post 5 times a week...I think - should i be doing this too? Then I tell myself - I enjoy blogging and want to keep it fun and enjoyable - so even if I only post weekly - that's still ok ;-)


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