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There are certain things that I truly believe every woman should own in her wardrobe. Most are fairly obvious, and if you've flipped through any fashion magazine I guarantee that these will be there . The little black dress, a nice button-down shirt, a tailored blazer, classic black pumps, a timeless trench. That's stating the obvious, right? But may I add something a little less unexpected to that list. I am convinced that a white jacket can carry over into any season, and it looks just as crisp and classic as any other jacket you may reach for. I never realized how much I loved this one in particular from Target, until I finally got the sleeves hemmed last week. It had been sitting in my closet for months and I had no idea what to do about it until I came to my senses and took it to be altered. The alteration was very simple, and in two days, I had my perfect little white jacket ready to be worn. I paired it with other classic pieces for a fool-proof outfit that will be in heavy rotation. 

Notice the pretty leaves at my feet? I'm so happy that they are finally changing color here. There's a part of me that gets giddy over them each year because the time for them to fall is fleeting. I hope it's just as beautiful where you live. 


  1. so happy to have a little white jacket, I love mine. You look lovely. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I love the white jacket! Can't believe it's from Target!!

  3. The jacket is gorgeous! What a great find! I am so awful at getting things tailored but it's so worth it when I do! Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  4. Wow, what a find at Target! I really love how this outfit came together! I do have one white (moto) jacket and I might need to try a similar color pairing. I agree, it's such a fun piece that provides an unexpected pop vs just wearing this same outfit with a black blazer or jacket. And hooray for leaves finally changing around here! Enjoy your glamping this weekend!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. That jacket looks amazing on you - so good that you got it tailored! I've also been converted to the white jacket side...I think I stayed away from them so long bc I was afraid it would look like a lab coat lol! But I'm a convert now and can't wait for my caped blazer to arrive!

  6. P.s. That necklace looks so pretty on you! 😘


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