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I'm usually happiest when the sun is shining and I can slip on a pair of sandals. You better like the heat if you choose to live in southern California, otherwise you'll most likely resort to packing a moving van. This comes to no surprise, but I really thought this Winter would be different with El Nino looming. Where is the rain? Where are the cold fronts? Nowhere to be found, and I'm beginning to think that maybe this won't be the year mother nature helps to end the drought after all.

I took the opportunity over the long weekend to wear this tropical maxi that I have in mind for my Hawaiian vacation in June. The back is especially pretty, with a strap criss-crossing down to the waist. Add some turquoise jewels and a beach tote and I'll be set! I love a good maxi dress, especially when it comes in petite friendly options with no visit to my tailor required. I've told you guys before, I'm lazy. I do realize the importance of getting clothes customized to your body for the most flattering fit, but I hate the extra cost. If you are a fellow shorty, LOFT has a few in stock in various colors. These dresses look great with moto or leather jackets layered too, making them perfect for transitional weather. I plan on trying that next, as long as the temps cool down.

How was your Valentine's day? Good I hope! Ours was, in theory, a big fat fail. We wanted to take the Palm Springs tram to a restaurant on top of a mountain, but the wait to board the tram was two hours and we wouldn't have made our reservation. Nate was bummed, but I really couldn't have cared less. We still had a great time walking around Palm Springs. It was my second trip in just a month, and I swear next time, I need to go shopping!


  1. Tropical during the winter is 60 degrees here so that sunlight looks UH-MAZING!
    The Adored Life

  2. Loved this snap when I saw it on Insta! Such a pretty print, and it will be perfect for Hawaii. How fun! Sorry about your Valentine's. Sounds like you had a great attitude and made the best of it.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Ha! Have you already forgotten how COLD and rainy it was in November and December? I feel like I'm El Ninoed out and am loving this sunshine and heat! It does seem like it's been awhile since I've seen you in red and it is SO flattering on your coloring! What a great dress!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

    1. I think I did forget Gina! Haha, my mind is selective :) I just really enjoy wearing my coats and growing collection of booties so I'm hoping that the cold comes back. It's going to rain it looks like, so let's see what happens! And thank you, I never gravitate towards red on myself, but I do love it.

  4. As soon as I saw that dress - I thought - how perfect for Hawaii. I love the color scheme and print so much...and LOFT maxi dresses are SO comfortable:-)

  5. As soon as I saw that dress - I thought - how perfect for Hawaii. I love the color scheme and print so much...and LOFT maxi dresses are SO comfortable:-)

  6. So jealous you are wearing this right now! The print is gorgeous!

  7. what a pretty dress! oh I wish I could wear it as well

    Inside and Outside Blog

  8. That dress looks so pretty on you and red is so your color. Gorgeous!


  9. Thank you ladies so much! I know most of you are experiencing snow and rain, but spring is around the corner :)


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