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Anxiety sucks. I know I've briefly mentioned this before, but because I like to keep my blog a little less personal and a little more frivolous, it's not something I write about often. Over the weekend, I had a conversation with one of my best friends about what she's been experiencing lately, something I didn't know about. She told me that her anxiety has gotten to the point where it's preventing her from living life to the fullest. As I listened to her speak, I realized that I let anxiety do the same thing in my own life. I get uncomfortable around large groups of people, I avoid or turn down opportunities that could benefit me, and I even cancel appointments because I get nervous just being around people. I know that may sound crazy to some of you, but for those of us that struggle with it, the fears and phobias are very real. As a behavior health specialist, I teach my kids to cope with their emotions by talking to a friend, going for a long walk, or listening to music. There are plenty of ways to cope with negative thoughts and feelings, but I don't really take my own advice. I'll ignore a problem, or I do whatever possible to avoid a conflict. It's because I want to be comfortable. My whole life I've just made decisions based on being comfortable. Does that make sense? I'm pre-wired to think this way, and it's really unfortunate because I know that I'm not living life to the fullest. So Nate told me to just fake it til I make it. Get up, get dressed, and go about the day. Don't over analyze, don't let worry stop you from getting out of bed each day. I do see a therapist and I take anti-anxiety medication which does help, but I have to do the work myself. I'm not sure why I picked today to share this, but sometimes I don't know what shallow things to write about. The outfit pictures illustrate that part for me :) I hope those of you who are suffering from a mental health problem get treatment, and I encourage you to talk about it with friends. You'll quickly realize that you are not alone. 


  1. That is such a good message, for the longest I didn't understand anxiety. I'm from a country where they don't even recognized most mental health issues. But Nate is right because really that's what we are all doing, I've realized that as an adult. You look beautiful as always, now I'm regretting not getting this cami.


  2. I feel like I can relate to this...I think a lot of us get anxious, and I sometimes think mine has gotten worse over they year in ways. In other news, the print of that top and the jacket are fab!

  3. First: Beautiful outfit! Love each and every piece and the next time we meet up I want it to be at whatever winery you were snapping from last weekend with Nate! It was gorgeous! Second: Anxiety. I fully understand your feelings. I never dealt with it until after I had kids and that's probably a topic for its own post but yes, it can definitely keep you from living your life to the fullest. I have made changes mainly since we moved here to combat it and fight harder against it and it's very rewarding. I do hope you'll continue to "do the work" to make sure you are living life to the fullest! As always, I appreciate your openness and honesty and sharing here!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. P.S. HOORAY For the new logo!! Much more suited to you!!!

  5. A) I want to second what Gina said! The logo feels very you!

    B) I think there is a huge misconception that only shy or introverted people have anxiety. I never want to take away anyone's feelings because they are their feelings and valid, but I have severe anxiety, especially as an adult and I have found myself making excuses to get out of things. Speak in front of a crowd? Fucking can nail that. Speak to 10 people? OH HELL NO!

    The moral of my comment I guess is that the more we talk about these kinds of things, the more we all feel less alone and at the end of the day, isn't that what we all want?

    The Adored Life

  6. I totally understand Noelle. Anxiety is hard to "get" for people who don't suffer from it. A lot of people even confuse general worries with anxiety which doens't help the cause.

    I also suffer from anxiety but not the social kind. I have seek help for it through the years and I'm at a point where it is mostly under control. It was very bad when I gave birth though as I ended up having to deal with post partum depression as a result of anxiety. This is why I am sticking to one child only. You have no idea how much I get harassed by ppl who think it's their right to tell me I should have more than one child :/ I'm this close to posting a massive rant on FB

  7. Noelle, loved this post so much! And I love how much your friends can relate, anxiety strikes us all so differently. You know I'm an outgoing person, but my irrational fears are very real to me in the moment and can be debilitating at times. The more we share the more we help raise awareness and hopefully it becomes not such a tabo subject to talk about. Love you! And your outfit! Those tops from
    express are my favorite!

  8. I am so glad you shared! Thanks for being brave and honest with us. I definitely think anxiety is something so many people struggle with. I have my own anxiety to some extent, and I definitely have my own struggles. For me talking about it helps normalize it which takes away some of the power. Sharing small pieces of our infertility journey on the blog and to a much larger extent with my close friends and family has really helped me. You are so unique and special, Noelle!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. Thank you ladies SO much for sharing your own thoughts and feelings about this. I know it's very common, but most people don't talk about it. I appreciate each and every one of you :)

  10. First, you look so cute! I love seeing you in jeans.
    Thanks for sharing this! I have developed anxiety in the last few years and it sucks... Because of it I'v also missed out on a lot of opportunities that would have benefited me...but I figure it's just easier not to deal with it. I'm not taking anything, I just try to deal with it which which might not be the healthiest thing either (I did try something natural my friend recommended). I think sometimes we believe that there are not many people out there dealing what we're dealing with (just because it's not talked about), but thanks to those who share, including you, it helps knowing they're not alone. Thanks again for sharing <3

  11. I think the fake-it-till-you-make-it, while freely sharing your worries with your family, is the best way. I definitely have 3 things I'm "anxious" about - and it does affect my daily life, as I have to depend on other people for help...and I feel down on myself, and wonder why I can't get over these stumbling blocks. But I also remind myself of how far I've come - and not to beat myself up...and be grateful that I have friends and family who support me.

    I'm so glad you open up about what you're going through - it's so helpful to others to know that we all have things which we struggle with, and that's ok. Sending you lots of hugs!

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥


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