These products were sent to me for consideration. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I am not being compensated in any way. 

I've used these products consistently for over a month and overall have mixed feelings on two of the four. First, I'll start with my favorite and go down the list to the product I don't think is that unique.

The barest lip color in shade 05 - In the Buff ($22.00): I was a bit timid when I opened the package and saw this color. I loved the sleek silver tube as it looks luxurious, but I was worried that this particular shade was going to be far too dark for my light complexion. However, because this product is a lipstick and lip balm hybrid, I was surprised at just how sheer and buildable it truly is. The first swipe is a nice "my lips but better" but when I do a second coat, the color is a darker nude with hints of berry and brown. Of course it will look different on everyone depending on your skin tone but I love this Fall ready color. The formula itself is soft, buttery, and moisturizing, and there isn't really much of a scent that I can detect. It is definitely a standout from all the products I have tried from the line. I would love to try other shades because the dual formula is so lovely.

Beam Team Hydrate + Glow ($42.00): Another standout from the line and one that I recommend trying because I would also buy this on my own. This is a two-in-one, like many of The Estee Edit's products. Have you ladies heard about the glowtion trend that is popular right now? I think a lot of us like to achieve a dewy complexion, and a great way to go about that is by using a moisturizer with illuminating properties already built in. Think of it as a highlighting moisturizer. I love using this on days where I don't wear makeup! It creates the appearance of beautiful skin without the need for foundation. It evens my skin tone and blurs pores and spots. I have also used it underneath my makeup too, and it's the perfect primer. It adds just the right amount of soft golden color. Again, I was concerned that this product would make my skin look like a disco ball - too shiny. But the illumination is very subtle, even when worn alone. It also has a touch-on shimmer concentrate in the flip cap, which is nice on cheekbones as a targeted highlight. Admittedly, I don't use that option too often but it's a clever addition.

Pore Vanishing Stick ($28.00): This product feels like a silicone primer in a portable stick form. It reminds me of other products I have tried that blur the appearance of large pores. I like this on bare skin because it glides on smoothly. I swipe it across my nose and cheeks which is where most people have noticeable pores. However, when I try to use it underneath or over foundation, the product seems to disappear and no longer serves its purpose. Ultimately, I can't recommend it because the staying power isn't there and it doesn't perform as promised. I think the Beam Team is better at evening and priming the skin. 

Flash Illuminator in Day Light ($28.00): This is a highlighting liquid that really packs a punch. Too much for my taste. I think if I had one of the lighter shades, I would appreciate this product a bit more but because it's so dramatic, I only use it sparingly on my arms and legs mixed with my regular lotion. It does leave a beautiful peachy glow (not glitter, just sheen), but there are a hundred different companies that already do liquid highlighters and because of that, I don't recommend running out and buying this. Just not unique enough!

Swatches (with flash): The barest lip color in 05, flash illuminator in day light, beam team hydrate + glow in sun loving bronze

Let's sum this review up shall we? Would I buy this on my own?

The Barest Lip Color: Yes. Smooth buttery formula and buildable color

Beam Team Hydrate + Glow: Yes. Multipurpose product that creates a beautiful complexion with little effort

Pore Vanishing Stick: No. Doesn't work as promised

Flash Illuminator: No. Not unique to really any brand. It's been done to death


  1. Loved reading this review - the middle swatch looks so pretty - but I know what you mean about highlighting prodcuts being overdone! I realized i actually like regular or matte makeup as the highlighting trend is not for me.

  2. Loved reading this review - the middle swatch looks so pretty - but I know what you mean about highlighting prodcuts being overdone! I realized i actually like regular or matte makeup as the highlighting trend is not for me.

    1. I can understand that, especially for those that have oily skin. Mine is pretty dry so I prefer a dewy look but the mega highlighted look is hard for anyone to pull off unless you're just taking photos. Then it looks beautiful! Not so in real life ;)

  3. your reviews are so honest, I love that about you :)

    On a side note, I have no doubt that you can rock a bold lip. Bolder lip shade has nothing to do with skintone, more with your attitude. I don't know if you follow Killer Colour's blog (i've loved her work since early days of Specktra like 2007 or so). She's very fair skinned Swedish girl with mad makeup skills and pretty much always wears dark or really bold lipsticks. They look amazing on her...sorry for the ramble just trying to make a point :)

  4. How did I miss this post?! I am so far from a beauty junkie or expert. I always learn something when I read a beauty post. It's amazing how sheer that lip color is when it looks so dark in the tube.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. That lip color looks gorgeous and perfect for fall!

  6. First I want to say that I agree with Shadowy Lady above! ^^ I do think you can rock a bold lip! It's just about finding the right shade and right occasion. I know I'm never comfortable with a dark lip for daytime but I do have some go-to options bold for Fall/Winter nights. Loved your honest reviews and glad you had a couple of winners in this batch!
    Gina || On the Daily Express


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