For the second part of the Fall style series (see part one here), I am sharing what I consider "must-haves". You know, the pieces you'll be seeing frequently around here. Every Fall, my outfits tend to revolve around a simple formula: camisole + blazer + denim + pumps. Sometimes I'll vary by switching my shoes and bag but otherwise, I adhere to this style because it's classic, polished, and easy. It works for almost any occasion, casual or dressy. Of course if you're in an office, a pair of tailored pants or a pencil skirt can replace the denim. I swear this is what I go for every year! I don't care what is considered trendy at the moment, when I think of Fall, I immediately grab the classics.

Let's dissect this a little bit:

1. Cami - Every one has a camisole or tank in their wardrobe right? I love layering one underneath a little blazer, cardigan, or jacket. It's a great canvas for pretty necklaces, and you aren't sacrificing style for comfort. It's been chilly in the mornings, but then gets really warm during the afternoon so it's a nice in-between piece for this fickle time of year that a lot of us face.

2. Blazer - I recently bought this ruched sleeve blazer at H&M and I'm really happy with the fit and light color. A blazer always looks good, no matter your shape or size and no matter the occasion. It adds a lot of polish to an outfit.

3. Denim - This is a no-brainer. Dark skinny jeans are flattering and can be dressed up or down. I wear mine constantly year-round, but especially in Fall. 

4. Pumps - Nothing looks as polished as a great pair of pointy pumps. They elongate your legs and depending on the color or print, they can really take a simple outfit from boring to fun. I have a few pairs of these in different colors, and I love the way they make my legs look when I'm wearing jeans. Perfect for a night out! 

Wearing //
H&M blazer, check stores
J.Crew pumps, similar for less!
Kendra Scott necklace and bracelet

Other must-haves for me this year:

Mixed metals - I used to be OCD about my jewelry choices, and I never imagined I would be into mixing my metals. But ever since becoming a Stella & Dot stylist, I actually have really been enjoying wearing both silver AND gold! It's chic and a little less expected than wearing all one metal. Plus with so many options, it's hard to choose so why not wear it all?

Suede shoulder bag - This bag is a total must-have for me. I bought it while on vacation over the Summer, but the pretty lilac color seems appropriate now as well. 



  1. Yes classics always win, I'm more adventurous during Spring/Summer but for Fall I do prefer classics.


  2. Love the print of your cami, the blazer is so cute with it!

  3. I need more blazers in my closet. I agree they are such a classic staple as is the entire foolproof outfit formula!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  4. You know I'm a fan of classic style no matter the season! I love this breakdown of your favorite pieces. I've also become a big fan of mixing metals. I just think it's a more current look, plus it's so convenient!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. I love your fall essentials. Mine are similar except I'm definitely more of a trousers or pencil skit kind of girl. The purse is lilac? That's so cute...looks more of a blush shade on my screen.

    I want to add more blazers to my collection too and they are such a nightmare for me to get right. Combination of big boobs with tiny shoulder is not easy to fit properly in blazers.

    1. Thank you Saadeh! The purse says lilac on the Banana Republic website, and it does look more like that shade in person but it's really hard to capture the true color on camera. I guess blush is a good description too! Either way, it's pretty :)

      And my friend has a larger chest as well and says the same thing about blazers. This one I'm wearing doesn't have buttons so it was easy to fit. My problem is that I have bigger upper arms so I have to size up in order to not have the arms be tight. It's all a pain! But I love blazers.

  6. Dark jeans are definitely one of my go-tos in the fall! You look amazing! I especially like your bright blue pumps!

  7. I do love this look - it's polished, and hopefully pretty easy to put together during the morning rush. Your lilac bag is just darling.
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Such a cute look, love the clean and fresh feel of your blazer!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

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  10. Waaah - Blogger totally ate my comment! I was just saying that I have a similar ruched sleeve white blazer from H&M - and those vibrant blue heels that I was inspired to purchase after seeing yours. I love your fall staples - and you're right - it's something you can wear every year regardless of what is "trendy"

  11. Gorgeous!!! I love Blazers. So versatile and chic... Love your pumps too!
    Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com


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