For the last part of our "ten take on Fall" series, I want to talk about two trends in particular that I'm loving. Although I've mentioned several times that I gravitate towards more classic silhouettes, fashion should be fun! And that definitely includes experimenting with what's "in" each season. Just a few pieces and little tweaks can make your wardrobe feel more current, and you don't have to spend a fortune. 

I have this bell sleeved mini dress in two colors, but this one is distinctly Fall due to the beautiful plum shade. I think my mom owned a similar version in the 60's and 70's which cracks me up! The overall shape is a risk because it's well...shapeless. It's not for everyone, and I understand some of you may not like it. A selling point for me is that the sleeves add movement and float around as you walk and talk. I'll say it - they make me feel flirty. I love little dresses and own several, but this trend is unique to my closet and one that doesn't take me out of my comfort zone. 

Wearing //
Stella & Dot cuff, love this one

Another trend I've had on my radar has been in the shoe department. I love flats and pumps, but lace-up shoes combine the best of both worlds - the comfort of a flat, yet the height of a pump. Most of these styles come with a chunky heel, which provides plenty of stability. I'm like a baby giraffe when I walk, so I can appreciate the support. I like to wear mine with dresses for an elongated look, but I've seen ladies pair them with skinny jeans. I'll have to try that next! 

Other trends I'm trying:

1) Chokers - I just placed my samples for Stella & Dot and I included this beauty. I'm a child of the 90's so this is a fun way to pay homage to that period.

2) Off the shoulder - This one is still going strong! I have two off the shoulder tops left over from Summer and I plan on wearing them on warmer Fall days. Love this option!



  1. This color is perfect on you and so gorgeous for fall!

  2. That little dress is so cute and this color was made for you. You look extra radiant in it.


  3. That dress is so pretty - the color is my favorite! Love it paired with the nude lace ups. And yes!! You definitely need to try those shoes with your jeans!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. I adore that dress on you! The color is amazing and I could see why you love the movement so much! Always love your feminine style!!
    Carylee | more pieces of me

  5. This is your color!! I love the sleeve detail and fit. Lace up shoes are the best! Yours do look like a perfect height.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. I echo everyone else' comments. That is a gorgeous plum colour on you. You need more of this shade in your life. I barely even notice the shape because the colour is standout.

    I also am loving chokers. I have one from the 90's that I started wearing again lol! Never got into the off the shoulders tops (same issues on me as blazers hehehe). And now it's definitely too cold for that here anyway :)

  7. HAH! We are basically wear the same thing this week! The color on this is STUNNING SO DON'T ANYONE EVER TELL YOU IT IS NOT! Love it!
    The Adored Life

  8. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with the plum color! And I am loving the lace up shoe trend as well! There are so many great trends this season!

  9. Thank you ladies! For those in the series, I hope we can do something like this again because I really enjoyed putting these together, as well as reading your answers! And thank regarding the color of the dress. It really is beautiful for this time of year. Anytime actually!


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