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Cardigan (sold out) but similar, love this too
Express skirt (sold out)
Asos pumps, similar here & here
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There are three things that I can't get enough of this year:

*Blush tones

*Scalloped details

*Laser cut bags and shoes

I know quite a few bloggers who own the tote version, and while that one is certainly tempting, I opted for this crisp white shoulder bag instead. I love a great tote and believe it's a staple, but I often find that mine is an excellent excuse to haul around things I don't even need! A structured bag will also always be in style, but one with delicate details like this adds that Springtime feel. I paired it with a feminine camisole with scalloped edges, and my favorite taupe/lilac cardigan. If you follow me on snap and IG, you would have seen that Nettie made her way through one of the sleeves, and while it hasn't been repaired, I came up with a simple solution in the meantime - fold the sleeves up!

She is such a doll, but at almost three years old, my pup has managed to get her paws and snout on quite a few of my shoes, lace tops, a bag, and now my cardigan. It's my fault for leaving the closet door open so often. My house still needs puppy-proofing, but I love her no matter what she gets her claws into.

How is your week? I will be back on Friday!


  1. I love this girly look, so soft and pretty.


  2. What a pretty color pairing! Glad you were able to solve the sleeve issue with your cardigan. We'd never know!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. I can't imagine having to make sure shoes are never left unattended, and I'm always grateful my dog has never been destructive of things. Herself, however, she won't leave alone and is constantly licking her paws raw.

    Anyway, I'm glad you found a way you could still wear the cardigan, since it does look so nice an cozy, and I love the scalloped cammi!

    1. Yes, she's pretty sneaky! She isn't nearly as destructive as she used to be when we first got her, but still needs reminders to stop chewing on random things.

  4. I love these pretty colors together and the scalloped details on your top make the outfit so pretty and feminine!

  5. I love your makeup! It's nice to see your pretty face!

    1. Awwww that's very kind, thank you! I know I should take less pictures with my sunglasses on, but they are such a habit that most of the time I forget I'm wearing them!

  6. Love the bag! And I love this color and texture pairing! Captain, one of our dogs, is 8 now but as a puppy he ate sooo many of my things. I don't miss those days. LOL!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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