You need these Old Navy jeans, and I don't ever tell you guys that unless I'm serious.

I've shopped on and off at Old Navy ever since I began my blog. I like their budget friendly prices, but I have refrained from stopping there before because their quality can be hit or miss. I suppose that's true of all clothing chains, but I'd rather spend a bit more on things that are going to last than continue buying pieces that fall apart within a few washes.

Distressed denim is so trendy at the moment, and as much as I like a little "personality" on my jeans, I'm not going to fill my closet with them. Dark washed denim will always be classic and the most universally flattering. I also never get weird looks from my mom when I have on a nice pair! But when it comes to being a little trendy, I think I have finally found the best pair for the right price. So much so that I'm done buying jeans (for now).

I thought I'd throw an outtake into the mix. What am I doing ^ exactly? Trying desperately for a thigh gap 😁 I remember telling Nate that I was over it and wanted to grab a glass of wine at the restaurant next door! I think I was ready to run!

Wearing //
Forever 21 tank (underneath)
Beauty //
(looks washed out here. It's much brighter in person)

Back to the Old Navy jeans: 

For reference, these are a size 8 regular. They are the rockstar mid-rise style and although I'm unsure of the name of the wash, I linked to them here and above. They are a bit long, but I folded them under and are honestly perfect that way. With heels, I'm sure I could wear them as they are. They are soft, perfectly ripped in all the right areas, and I love that they aren't too light. 

I'm linking up with Amy Ann and Gina today for their new style series, so please feel free to check out their posts as well.


  1. This top is adorable, love it so much. This whole look is perfect.


  2. Oh, I love this pretty white top and those jeans are really cute! Next time I place a Gap/BR/Old Navy order I am going to give them a try! Because you said so. :)
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. I love the jeans! I have a pair of Old Navy Rockstar that I really like. The distressing on these is perfect. That top looks great on you too. Thanks so much for linkup up and evening being so kind as to mention it. You are the best!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Mid rise rockstar is my favorite! And they are so budget friendly it's awesome! Love how these look on you!

  5. I love Old Navy's jeans! So comfortable and flattering!

  6. Thank you ladies! Even when not on sale, these jeans are so inexpensive that I really recommend trying them out! The rockstar style is the only version at Old Navy that I think is universally flattering on all body types!


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