It's happening again - I'm experiencing writer's block, the equivalent of torture for any blogger. Sometimes I think I'm too hard on myself and I should just lighten things up.  I'm not exactly saving the world here so what's the big deal? This usually happens to me in Summer anyway. With all of the events I have planned, blogging often takes a bit of a backseat. My mind goes into break mode, and it's not until "back to school" that I begin hitting my stride again. I'll of course try my best to still bring meaningful content, but for today and probably the next week, I'll just keep it short and sweet.

Here's a recap of the month of June:

1. What I've been wearing

I have been buying shoes from Target like they are going out of style (they might be, but I hope not). In the last month, I have added these sandals in black, another pair of lace-up block heels, and these striped pumps. All of them are comfortable and most importantly, flattering. I didn't used to be much of a shoe gal, but this year, shoes have proven to be a weakness of mine. Like I need any more weaknesses!

2. What I'm loving

I got my first Fab Fit Fun box and I must say, even though I'm not typically a fan of subscription services, I think this is one that's actually worth it. Look at all the goodies you get! It's seasonal and you can cancel anytime. Use this code for $10 off your first box. I'll let you know if there are any real standouts from the Summer box, but I'm really loving the looks of everything. I plan on digging in right away. See that Michael Stars wrap? I'm wearing that on a plane Thursday. The blush and sunscreen are too. 

3. What I'm reminiscing about
If you follow me on snap, then you might have seen a particularly funny photo album last weekend. My mom dug it out of hiding and brought it to me. What a difference a decade makes! I guess I was pretty normal for a twenty-something. I thought I knew everything...I didn't. But at least I had fun in my delusions. 

4. What I'm dreading
Packing ---> then going through TSA. I love flying, but I hate the airport. Last year when we were coming back from Hawaii, I was stopped and patted down. I think it might have traumatized me? I do appreciate the level of security and I know it's for safety. But I dread the entire process! 

5. What I'm working on

Truth be told, I have been feeling pretty down in general lately but I want to save that topic for a separate post. Let's just say that going off of certain psych medications has been eye opening for me and not in a good way. My head is all over the place and I cry at the drop of a hat. Yeah, would you be interested in reading about that at all? Let me know. 

6. What I'm excited about/looking forward to
Despite number 5, my friend Katie and I are off to Denver for the next few days. I've never been to Colorado. If you have, any recommendations are welcomed! Especially as they relate to food and nature. 

What have you all been up to this month? Linking up with my usual favorites: Gina and Amy Ann. Also linking up for What's up Wednesday


  1. I always love your writing, so I;m down for whatever you want to talk about.


  2. I agree with Rachelle, I think you should just keep sharing authentically because that's your forte and your niche. I love life updates like this! And there are lots of good exercises and prompts for writers block. We should do coffee/lunch sometime (separate from date night) and chat!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. I've been on a little block myself! Like I can't be creative at all! I so wish I could wear Target shoes, because they are so cute!! My darn feet are too small.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  4. I always let it go in summer that I am not feeling like writing. I think that sometimes it's better to just have the natural ebbs and flows of life because then that way you are pushing out content that you are truly proud of.

    The Adored Life

  5. There are always times I have a hard time with thinking of content. That's one of the reasons I only post 2-3 times a week now! Target really does have such cute shoes don't they?!

  6. I always hate going through security too! I'm sorry you are feeling down. To be honest, I have felt down about an uninspired a little lately too. I hope your trip will be just the escape you need!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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